To understand what RuinValor is you must first gain knowledge of how it came to be. The roots of my desire to make video games can be traced back to Neverwinter Nights; while the singleplayer certainly leaves something to be desired the multiplayer was the jewel amongst the stone in my mind. Packed with a toolset editor, the ability to create, modify, and share worlds of your own is what interested me the most. Couple that with an in game Dungeon Master mode to enhance story telling for the hosts player base and what you obtain is a powerful set of tools that assist in maintaining interest in a game long after its initial release. I have long believed that if you put the proper tools in the hands of the people who make content ( modders and such ) the life of the game can be infinitely extended. game. Throughout the design process I have ensured the core concept for all systems put in place rely on the single factor of customization.

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We have been silent ( news wise ) for some time. I figured now was the best time to get everybody caught up on what has been going on with our team. This month should prove to be a very interesting month as we are gearing up for the final development process before our kickstarter.

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We have been silent ( news wise ) for some time. I figured now was the best time to get everybody caught up on what has been going on with our team. This month should prove to be a very interesting month as we are gearing up for the final development process before our kickstarter.

First up, lets go over some of the races that will be available by launch:


This model was done by Eric, a modeler that we picked up from our reddit posts. He is very talented and normally gets work done at a very fast rate. I am very happy to have him on our team and will be excited to show you his other work in the near future.


The dwarf race are stout/beefy little guys. I am most excited about this race because of their unique stature and their armor choices.


Everybody should be familiar with this race by now. I am redoing most of their skin work ( shown here ) to make them look a bit more.... human/rock mix. The new texture work will debut with the video for our kickstarter so stay tuned!

On top of all the model work for characters we have started work on the siege weapons as well. Most notable of those is the completed work of the catapult:

This object will be able to fire anything ( that is placable ) in the direction it is pointed. Players will have to craft the different sub parts and then put them together to create the final product. We have been asked, "Will you be able to launch other players in there?" The short answer is yes!

Lastly, we have been hard at working with the reworking of our UI, Crafting, Skills, and Object Placement systems. I hope to show off a gameplay video within a few days but that will depend a lot on time available. We appreciate the enthusiasm we have seen so far from the public. If you have any ideas or comments please feel free to visit the website or forums and share them! Thanks again and hope to see you again next week.

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here is a link to the UI

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The game looks really sexy right now ! I'm definitely interested :) it seems it is going to be like Cube World.
I'm interested to see what's going to be planed for Characters / Races / Stats / Skills / Spells, is it going to be skill tree system or like in D&D a list of skills to chose from depending on your previous choices ?
Will there be any dungeon randomly generated ? How deep will the crafting system be ?

It seems there will also be a DM system? Will the DM be able to define the world and craft freely just whatever? Will there be any possibility for the DM to chose/limit races,monsters,skills,... and customize what the player can/can't do ? If there are boats, can the DM decide to make them fly ? (earthdawn style in barsaive)

Anyway, keep it up, I'm in a hurry to see the kickstarter page :)

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riuthamus Author

We have an ambitious thought of creating what we call a skill pool. This would be 100+ skills that you could choose from. Each skill that you choose has negatives or positives associated with the other skills you choose.

If you choose all fire spells each fire spell would give a small bonus to the others. Where if you wanted fireball and all healing the fireball would be weaker because you put it with an unlike set of skills.

This setup lets the player use whatever skills they desire but at a cost. We feel there should be no reason as to why we restrict what the player can do so long as we give them a set of rules that govern what can happen. This setup will allow for what we call a truly unique character experience.

The last bit of the skill system will be that as you level up your skills will change in power ( and in ability for some skills ).
We have yet to make the "randomly created event regions" known as dungeons, but with the stuff we have in the works we are very much capable of doing just that.

Crafting is a very complex system that can best be explained in a full post.

I came from a NWN background and because of this was very fond of the DM concept. We will not be calling it a DM per say but the role will more or less be the same. There is an "admin mode" where tools will be available for in line in game editing. Add that with our 100% modifiable support and you could make your own story for play with friends or for yourself. So, yes there will be 100% support for making, editing, restricting, and adding just about anything you could imagine to the game. When we designed this game we have put the concept of modifiable at the forefront. When we go through the kickstarter we will be showing off just how powerful our editing tools can and will be.

Hope that helped answer most or all of the questions, and you can be sure we will be posting more information as we get closer to the kickstarter.

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