Want to try something a little different to the usual 3rd-person endless runners? Look no further than Pipe Games' newest release, Rooftop Raider! A first-person continuous runner, Rooftop Raider puts you on top of the world (almost literally) as you jump, duck, dodge, and dash your way across an alien cityscape. Use your reflexes to collect gold and rare coins along the way, and use these valuable items to purchase permanent alien abilities and upgrades for your character, including a regenerating obstacle shield, a superman jump, and a short-range blink-teleport. All of which will assist you in reaching new heights, and grabbing even more loot!

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Pipe Games latest game, Rooftop Raider, is now available, completely free of price and ads! If you have an Android device, grab the .apk from our downloads section, or head over to Google Play and download it free from there.

Rooftop Raider is a new brand of the popular continuous runner genre. It places you in the first-person perspective of an athletic alien man, as you have to jump, dodge, duck, and dodge your way across an alien cityscape. Rooftop Raider adds elements of characterisation in the way of permanent powers and abilities you can unlocked with the gold and rare coins collected through gameplay. These abilities stay with you forever, and can be further upgraded to give you the survivalist's edge. Don't forget, mind the gap!

This version of Rooftop Raider is currently a beta, so keep an eye out for future updates, including more abilities, powers, cosmetic upgrades, and just general gameplay improvement. Pipe Games also hopes to release an Apple version of the game soon, available on iPad and iPhones. We'd really love it if you gave us any feedback at all, and if you like the game or want to support our indie company to help us keep making and improving on games, please check out the in-game store. You can buy gold and rare coins to give yourself a boost and attain those awesome powers as soon as possible! At this point in time, the in-game store only functions properly when the game is downloaded from the Google Play store.

Thanks so much to anyone who takes the time to check the game out, and please email us any feedback, comments, or suggestions at pipegames.brisbane@gmail.com.

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Rooftop Raider

Rooftop Raider


Rooftop Raider is a new brand of endless-runner! From the unique, first-person perspective of a crash landed alien on a strange, futuristic world, your...

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