Rolling survival is a top down wave survival game with an upgrade tree. it really is as simple as that, you kill enemies to get experience and with that experience you can buy weapons, upgrades and additional health so that you can survive longer. On the map there are also teleporters which cost experience to use but can provide a quick escape. There are 3 modes: Classic, Arcade and Hardcore. Classic is the original concept for the game, you can take a bit of damage and you have access to all the upgrades. There are 28 unique upgrades split into 6 different trees, each one with a different purpose, whether mobility, damage or health it is up to your to try and find the tactics that suit you best. Arcade is a more symmetrical map, and you gain upgrades via powerups, you also have multiple lives without an upgrade. Hardcore is classic but much much much harder, you have less health and you get less experience per kill meaning you have to choose your upgrades much more sensibly.

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Great little top-down shooter. Love the upgrade tree allowing for better weapons, improved travelling speed and turrets! Certainly a game to pass the time.


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