Evelyn, our hero of 16, wakes up on a beautiful desolate beach, without memory of how she got there. Evelyn finds herself mesmerized by the strange scenery for some time, but soon comes to her senses and feels an instinctive need to find out where she is, how she got there, and how she may return home. A few steps away from her on the edge of the beach she finds lit torches highlighting a large bell, looking as ancient as the thick vines that are covering them. Evelyn approaches the bell and finds it to be engraved with drawings and letters barely recognizable. Upon dusting the bells and focusing on the characters, she makes out the words "RING TO END THE PAIN."


In this mystic world where everything looked as if it were once very pretty but somehow faded in recent times, Evelyn must explore the mysterious world filled with strange characters and puzzles. Experience her adventures as she solves the mystery behind a unique and unexpected story.

In this 2D atmospheric side-scroller, players navigate the main character in a classic point and click fashion to explore a mystic world. While running into and talking to strange characters along the way, you are to gather hints to find items and use magic powers to solve puzzles that direct you to find a way home. As more mysteries unveiled, the hidden past of this world will finally surface and the players will need to make choices that lead to different endings.

Rocco's Island is best enjoyed with a mouse and a good pair of headphones.

  • 2d Atmospheric Puzzle Adventure Game
  • Immersive gameplay and puzzle solving experience
  • Unique and appealing graphics
  • Language Support(English,Spanish)
  • Windows support
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We are excited to announce the official Early Access launch for Rocco's Island: Ring to End the Pain.


The Early Access Period

Rocco's Island: Ring to End the Pain” is a saga that spans many centuries and takes place within a unique universe. As of now, we are working extremely hard to finish the story in its full breadth and depth without compromise, thus have made the decision to present the game only up to its second chapter in the initial Early Access version, with the third and fourth chapters added episodically through later updates. We would greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions from the community regarding the look, feel, level difficulty, and gameplay mechanics to ensure that players of all skill levels can pick up and truly enjoy the game and story.


The main purpose of Early Access is to make sure that "Rocco's Island: Ring to End the Pain" becomes a highly polished and well-rounded product for full release. While we have definite ideas for what needs to be done before the full release, player's feedback and opinion is always important to us as well. In the meantime, we are on schedule to finish the full game within the next few months, as well as a spin-off game that further elaborates upon the tenuous relationship between two of our major characters.

As such, if you find any bugs or would like to make suggestions on how to improve the game please let us know! You can reach us on any of the channels below.

Steam Community : Steamcommunity.com
Discord : Discord.gg

EA Launch Discount
Rocco's Island: Ring to End the pain will initially be priced at $14.99, and will be discounted by 20% at launch.

Rocco's Island OST Album Collection

Gameplay Video

[Devlog] Original Sound Track of Rocco's Island

[Devlog] Original Sound Track of Rocco's Island


Today we want to begin sharing our original sound track of Rocco's Island.

[DevLog 068] Game Capture of the first experience

[DevLog 068] Game Capture of the first experience


We wanted to share a video that includes the first impression of the game.

[Devlog 065] We are adding 2048 puzzle as mini game on Rocco's Island

[Devlog 065] We are adding 2048 puzzle as mini game on Rocco's Island


We are adding 2048 puzzle as mini game on Rocco's Island Adventure Game

Dev Diary 060 - A Glance at our main scene title animation and Ui development

Dev Diary 060 - A Glance at our main scene title animation and Ui development

Feature 1 comment

As the team is putting together different parts of the game, we started to work on the main title intro scene that introduces the logo. All graphics are...

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