In Risk of Rain, time = difficulty. The longer you play the harder it gets, do you tear through the levels as fast as you can or do you spend time collecting some of the many ability granting artifacts? With randomly generated levels, giant bosses and just one life. How far will you go?

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Grats on the kickstarter. Also fetured in my video series (Games : Risk of Rain : Forum : Feedback and Discussion : Grats on the kickstarter. Also fetured in my video series) Locked
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Apr 17 2013 Anchor

First off congratulations on a very successful kickstarter campaign! Though the goal was rather modest I am glad gamers supported this great game. Even just the demo has quickly become my new favorite rougelike.

Even know the kickstarter is already a success I featured it in my "Kickin It" (kickstarter spotlight) video series.
Kickin It With Risk Of Rain.

I am very much looking forward to seeing where this game goes in the future. Keep up the awesomeness.

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May 10 2013 Anchor

Since you have a video on the game, coul you suggest a program with which to record it? Perhaps it is simply my computer, but my framerate has very limited affinity for Fraps.

May 13 2013 Anchor

ohh sorry for the delay have been busy and not checking all the forums I use as often as I should.

I use mirillis action! (just google it)

Much better quality video with much less performance hit then Fraps. and a hell of a lot more user friendly then DXtory.

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