In Risk of Rain, time = difficulty. The longer you play the harder it gets, do you tear through the levels as fast as you can or do you spend time collecting some of the many ability granting artifacts? With randomly generated levels, giant bosses and just one life. How far will you go?

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A wonderful game, it has a wonderful soundtrack,it has multiplayer, also the enemies vary a lot and it has a lot of replay value


Quite possibly my favorite game of the year. After following Risk of Rain throughout its Alpha and Beta periods, it's amazing how this fun little roguelike-like action platformer has blossomed into an expansive game that has held my attention for hours on end, and promises to continue doing so for many hours to come.


The graphical style and music illustrate a fantastic setting, the soundtrack captures very well the feeling of loneliness the player adopts, the monster and item logs are very interesting, there are many characters with diverse abilities and strengths, the gameplay is very smooth and exciting, the difficulty is very present but not unfair, and the game is long enough but also short enough that it's easy to play over and over again.

This game is genial.

Gameplay is quick-paced and very fun. Enemies seem to keep spawning everywhere and you're moving as fast as you can to find the teleporter. The lack of good background music is a bit of a shame, since I can imagine it to be more exciting with bg music. The art style is awesome!

I'm excited to see what other classes you'll include in the final version!


This is actually quite a good game. There's no music, but I really like the way the gameplay feels - nice and solid. I like the idea of a platforming combat oriented rogue-like, and it's looking like it's turning out really well so far!


Fantastic game. It is crazy how something so simple-looking can keep you occupied for over 100 hours. Easily the best price to replay-ability ratio I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Can't wait for a sequel, and here's hoping for twice the amount of items in RoR2.

Chalenging in every playthrough, however when you repeat several worlds it might start lagging or crash. Also the Online Co-op crashs sometimes, with no possiblity to reconect. Except those problems, a great game I enjoyed greatly

Hurray, another roguelike with ****** indie artwork and mediocre gameplay. it's slightly less mediocre than most of these, though.


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I don't like auto-generated levels.. usually.. I'm more of a "story" person.. and in theory I'm not a huge fan of rouge-like games.. still.. the music, the mood, the music that creates it.. learning curve, difficulty level.. it IS just great.

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A wonderful game, it has a wonderful soundtrack,it has multiplayer, also the enemies vary a lot and it has a lot of replay value

Dec 5 2013 by thelastnoah