Play as a Karack Arbiter - member of an awakened race of machines that vengefully wiped out their oppressive creators' planet - now on the run, headed for the darkest sector ever known, the Abyss Hexa. Survive. Orient to your alien surroundings. Brave through each crisis and cascading event... leading up to the heist of the millenium.


  • Experience a story-driven hand-authored single player campaign, full of puzzles, secrets and mind-bending twists
  • Use the versatile ship editor - construct your ship's core, dress it with armor, arm it with lethal weapons and launch into action-packed real-time combat
  • Meet shady factions and watch intergalactic power-plays unfold, tip the scales in your favor and become a force to be reckoned with
  • Explore obscure deep space sectors and encounter unique flora, cosmic fauna, eldritch space monsters... and gargantuan World Eaters!

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Release of the new Demo


We released a new steam demo.

Get it here: Steam demo


* better ship handling
* increased player and AI ship speed
* improved the AI
* better combat system
* improved ship, module and weapons unlock and progression

Explore the demo scene, find all the secrets and defeat the final boss!



Join us and leave us feedback.





See you there!

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