So the game I've been working on for about 4 months now is called R.E.M,and it is a survival horror game based on a man who is in a coma. While unable to wake you play himself walking around his mind in an illusion/dream-state, although you can hear distorted voices and symbols throughout the game of where you really are. ( The Hospital Room ) To wake you basically have to fight off the "Demons" or fears that are inside you head. The main objective of the game is still being worked on, but won't be far off. And will have something to do with memories. Hope you guys are interested and follow the project :)

Thanks, Billy

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New Mechanic!


Hi guys, i'd just like to thank all my watchers so far, very much appreciated. Today i started to implement a new mechanic which is your characters Soul! that sounds very daunting ha. So the Reason for this soul is that it is thing you fight to gain back. It's everything you are. Your soul is interactive, and anything which is collected or sucked through your vortex is collected in your soul, this included memories and information you collect through the game which puts you one step closer to awaking from your coma. Your soul also acts as a spawn point if you are killed. Aswell as used to complete puzzels to gain oil and energy canisters. For as long as your soul is in your sights, you can warp yourself to it's position, creating an interesting new way to avoid Monsters and complete puzzels. I will update more on this feature as it progresses, but in the meantime here is a ScreenShot of the beatiful white light "Soul" in it's surroundings


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