Recess Race is a 2D platformer race organised by a suburban elementary school. You play as Fitz, a meek 3rd grader who gets bullied a lot. Race against 3 other students, but don't get caught! They will bully you! Collect as much trash as you can (that's the whole reason the school is doing this anyway) and finish ahead of the group to win the Recess Race!

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Recess Race development is coming along. We released the first open beta at the start of the month, and it has revealed a few (big) flaws the game currently has. We are happy to say we know exactly what they are and how to fix them.

One of the big issues we have with the game is conveyance. Specifically, the method I tried to use to convey the controls has not been working, so (a) new one(s) must be implemented. For now, know this: press Z to jump and X to use items! These will also be customisable in the next version.

Another feature we're adding is letter grading for each level. Depending on your performance (placement, style, garbage collected), you'll receive a letter grade from F to S+. F for FUN!

So, keep update so as not to miss a thing! Prove this bully wrong!

Thanks for reading. Until next time...

Stay powerful, lithe hunter.
-mysteriosum(the deranged hermit)

Recess Race is in Open Beta!

Recess Race is in Open Beta!


Recess Race goes into open beta. Now we need your help!

Recess Race Announced!

Recess Race Announced!


Recess Race will officially be released in April. Here, Travis (mysteriosum, the deranged hermit) discusses a few of our plans for the game as they pertain...

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