Enjoy a new amazing adventure on this classic platform game around the galaxy. This a real indie game. The entirely game has been made by an only one person, and it pretends to be a tribute to the classic platform games of the 8 and 16 bits era. Be amazed by the big pixels of this game!

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This game has been made two times from scratch: one per system (iOS, Android). So they don't share any common code.

For the Android version I have used libGDX as game engine and Java as programming language. This version connects with Google Play Game Services as Achievements and Leaderboard server.

For iOS version I have used cocos2d-x, this time using C++ as programming language. For Achievements and Leaderboard of this version I have used Apple Game Center.

The images have been mainly made with Aseprite, and eventually with GIMP. To automatically convert the spritesheets created with Aseprite to texture atlases used by both libGDX and cocos2d-x I use a little tool I have made for personal usage: gdx-project-utils. I share it because maybe it's usefull for other developers.

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Rainbow Diamonds Demo

Rainbow Diamonds Demo


Demo version of the game Rainbow Diamonds. It includes the first four levels of the complete game.

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