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Rag’n’Doll – is a funny regdolled adventure!

Following the plot, the main character Michael has decided to visit his family in the village and to spend some time a little away from the busy city, which strained him with it’s dirt and dust. As usual, from a long journey, our hero tried to get to his home as quickly as possible and finally to relax.

But bad luck, in the house he found no toilets, no food, and a dozen more of the missing cartridges. The only thing that pointed to a possible culprit of the disorder was the trails leading away into the forest close to the mountains. It became clear that the entire village was somewhat concerned, a lot of traps for all sorts of places, chickens gone mad and are trying to protect at any cost their … feathers!
The chickens mechanics works, but is poor now… You can just pass them by without stopping and none of them will hit you, but I will fix this within a week.

Website: WinterBloom

Facebook Page: WinterBloomFB

Twitter: WinterBloomTwitter

VK group: WinterBloomVK

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Hello! We did not show development news for a long time, we were doing another project (you can check it out here) and saved the content for a fairly informative post.

In the program:
► New levels
► Updated graphics
► Gameplay updates
► Spoiler plot

Fasting will be long, but colorful: D Let's get started!

New levels:

As you can see on the first pictures in the post, the game appeared in the autumn location. One of its levels is just presented in the screenshots. The way of crossing the river is still a mystery, but you can always share the assumptions in the comments;)

new autumn locations 2

Updated graphics:

We started work on post-processing in the game and you can already evaluate the first results!
In the future, stylistics will only get better, everything takes time, all right? ;)

Graphic update

S 4 1

Graphic update 2


Gameplay updates:

We added a new kind of traps to the game: Circular-M250, this futuristic invention from grandfathers from the village will recount all your bones, unless of course it gets to you.

Circular Saw 2

Circular Saw

Also added a checkpoint system, which is 80% ready and working. Now you do not need to pass the level every time from the very beginning!

CheckPoint System 2

CheckPoint System
Spoiler plot:

The most succinct last;) Vadim clearly did not expect such a turn ...


As usual, friends, write comments, talk about our work! Each opinion either gives confidence, or pushes to development! For all developers this is very important, whether it is a large studio, or a couple of people working in their spare time :) Qualitative feedback - no shortcomings and bugs in the final version of the game and you give it to us! Thank you for attention! Good luck and success in your own projects!

Rag'n'Doll News Update

Rag'n'Doll News Update

News 2 comments

Hi everybody! Today we will tell you about several innovations and we will add a bit of logic to the game events!

Rag'n'Doll Review

Rag'n'Doll Review


How are we supposed to get this thing done when the whole world is against us? Rag'n'Doll - this is the game just about it!

Guest - - 695,698 comments

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Guest - - 695,698 comments

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Palafoxyfox - - 3 comments

I hope to hear more about this game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PowerfoolGAME - - 3 comments

Please give me a shout when I can try this and play it on my YT channel. I can't wait! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
mm5 Creator
mm5 - - 13 comments

We will send demo to youtubers, when it will be ready.
Thank you for your interest;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
BELONGPLAY - - 4 comments

Naisu game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Bear-Rage - - 60 comments

oh ok thanks I will wait,

and again what you mean with concept artist maybe I can help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Bear-Rage - - 60 comments


how can I test it ??
and what you mean with concept artist??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
CheCKaN Creator
CheCKaN - - 2 comments

You can try it, probably in two months ;)

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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