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Questron Demo Version

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Four Fantasy Heroes with Names: Cody, Alfoseat, Ewix and Zidka.


Download and unzip into desired folder location on your computer.

Execute "Questron.exe" to run Game Launncher

Execute "Game.exe" to run game directly using last known parameters.


UP/DOWN Arrows = Forward/Back movement

LEFT/RIGHT Arrows = Strafe Left/Right

LEFT Mouse Button = Attack

UP/DOWN Mouse Wheel = Change Characters

Numpad 0 (Ins) = Open/Activate

Page Down = Toggle Map

ESC/ENTER = Used in menu screen interface



Giant Spider

Dwelling: Caves, Sewers, Dungeons, Wilderness.

Damage: Moderate.

Health: Low

Notes: Dangerous in swarms.


Skeleton Warrior

Dwelling: Sewers, Dungeons, Castles.

Damage: Higher

Halth: Mid Range

Notes: Usually encountered in small to medium sized groups.



Dwelling: Sewers, Dungeons, Wilderness.

Damage: Low

Health: Low

Notes: Usually encountered in larger groups.


Poisonous Bat

Dwelling: Caves. Sewers, Dungeons.

Damage: Moderate but fast

Health: Low

Notes: Extremely Dangerous in even small groups! Look up and live.


Mutant Leech

Dwelling: Caves, Sewers, Dungeons, Wilderness.

Damage: High

Health: Mid Range

Notes: Moves fast and silently. Usually encountered in pairs.



Dwelling: Unknown

Damage: Low

Health: Low

Notes: Usually appear where Necromancers are raising the dead.

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Questron Demo Version

Questron Demo Version


"What is Questron?" Questron is a fantasy role-playing video game series produced by Strategic Simulations, Inc. Released in 1984 for Apple II, Atari...


So good graphics and stuff, but hell, it's a shame that you're wasting them on RGM.

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