The story: The world of shentiir was lost in its future its name change to shen, history lost and no one knew of the magic that was once thriving in that time. Even worse is the fact no one knew that the war that made the world as it was a reality: a place of battles, poverty, raiders and disfigured horrors. Yet from the naked eye this place would seem like a time of medieval proportions, simple and elegant. This war between two nations caused the world to be in disarray and one hero and his sister had their fate changed to the hero to save shentiir from this war becoming a reality and the sister to become one with the darkside of shentiir the phoren. But the hero may find that it may be much harder than it seems for another enemy lurks out of sight. Can tarmuan save his sister and his world.

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Since 2008 our brother have been hard in the process of developing storyline and concepts for our story obviously we finished our map sketchs and have started some terraining our land as you can see on our photos we have made the lone mans hut as a show to what we can and have done. a few problems have been run into such as our scanner dieing after putting a photo into it but we shall have a new one in about 4 days finger crossed. we have managaed to find and gain all our software except one which is still downloading (stupid slow computer) but its almost there and then we can start modeling fingers double crossed. and finally from all of us here at snowfire we bid you goodbye and here we are signing off

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