An overdose of reality can have dire consequences… Descend down the rabbit hole and embrace your Downfall in a trippy, brutal and stylized adventure. Take your daily prescribed pills and self-medicate wisely, to give yourself an edge in combat.

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Greetings fellow IndieDB'ians!

So today we just dropped the 5th Early Access update for Project Downfall. It's quite a big one;) It has a considerable amount of new content, as well multiple tweaks and fixes.

And to celebrate the milestone, starting tomorrow (18.July.2019, 10:00AM Pacific time), the game is going to be available at a 30% discount for 14 days!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the amount of new content and possibilities, to avoid conflicts with previous save-games, progress will be reset with the update. Unfortunately this is to be expected during dev and we will try to keep this down to a minimum from now on


Now moving on to what's new:

- Around 12 new levels. Unlocking conditions will vary. For example to get to the Terminator "ILL BE BACK" level you'll need to put in some work. Whereas for others it will depend on your state of mind, or previously chosen route/choice.

Ie if you kill a certain co-worker you are practically blocking off a few optional missions (he won't cal you when you are at work) but on the other hand... Crossing a total pill usage threshold might take you to different levels from time to time. Choosing a certain path, or liberating a certain station might give you the opportunity to visit work or possibly other levels as well if you listen in on the correct news... and so on

- Awareness system. Now you will have visual feedback on enemies approaching from your blindside as well as direction hit indicator

- updated aiming system. Last update we introduced a new, centered aiming system but the tracers were still from the old hybrid method which would result in tracers not hitting where the bullet registered. Right now the tracers have also been rewritten for the new method so it should be all point and shoot from now on (of course, taking into consideration the weapons own spread/precisions stats)


For the next update we plan to focus on refining current content and issues:

- finalising and adding the new FPS controller which ought to make movement much smoother and fix collision/obstruction with dead bodies etc

- updates, refinement and tweaks to current content, especially AI (AI is selectively adjusted for each enemy per stage to give the best experience. They react on various factors instead of basic triggers. So they react on sight, hearing players footstep radius, firearm hearing radius, death yell radius etc). Downside: as mentioned, this has to be done manually for each level and enemy, so this is quite a bit of work, but in the end we hope the wait will be worth it.

- Fixing AI issues (sometimes not catching aggro despite AI settings or getting stuck/shooting at corners).
-further tweaks to stages (due to the amount of new content and our limited manpower, some of the new stages will be more refined, some rougher around the edges. All of them will still receive a noticeable amount of work until they are good enough).

- more non linear dependencies and possibilities
- adding save slots so it will be possible to experiment on a different branch without losing your current progress/contents/unlocked route
-a high score/replay mode where you will be able to play all unlocked levels from all save slots


So that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and in case of any questions, fire away!

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Project Downfall page live on Steam

Project Downfall page live on Steam


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I'm like black_stride and saw the game on Era. Looks amazing!

Best John Wick moment is him finally getting his target. Even with so much rage at this man it's still so clean and impersonal a kill. Just does it and walks away.

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When John Wick is at the vet after the final showdown.
The brown pitpull yawns at him....his first words to his new dog are "Its okay, lets go home."
I like dogs. And rewatch John Wick 1 and 2 every few weeks.

I joined IndieDB specifically because I saw the trailer for this game on resetera, I was absolutely blown away. Looks like no one has claimed any of the free keys, so if at all possible I would really like one.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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That looks quite interesting...

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MGP-Studios Creator

Thanks for the compliment:) Hopefully it will look more so with dev progress.

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