Tommy is a down-on-his-luck garage mechanic, stuck in the middle on who-knows-where on some forgotten reservation, where Native Americans are tucked away out of sight, out of mind. And then the unthinkable happens! Earth becomes prey to the galaxy's largest predator, a space bound Texas-sized alien that's looking to satiate its hunger with the organic goodness that most populates Earth: Us. And the first course is a certain forgotten reservation. A Spiritual Awakening Tommy and his girlfriend have become prey, his grandfather killed, and hundreds of his tribal nation have been abducted through space-warping portals. Freeing himself, all Tommy cares about is saving Jenny. But the spirit of his grandfather beckons him to embrace his heritage, accept the ancient teachings, and prepare to battle the menace that threatens to destroy all the planet's life. It's a choice between love and responsibility.

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prey is a very good game, the enemy's are very creative. not the hardest game I've ever played. the thing i didn't like very much, is that you never die in the whole game. still a good game.


I love it.

awesome game!

Good game.

I enjoyed this Game alot.


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