Your favourite monster catching and battling game takes a dark turn through this edition of Pokémon. Instead of using your PokéBalls as a tool to contain your Pokémon, you'll be using it as your primary damage source, slowly wearing the various monsters down and eventually - killing them.

The game will follow the original storyline of Pokémon FireRed however, it will consist of a slightly altered plot, darkening the once PG friendly Pokémon universe.

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[PKMTHRW] Ledges


Hey lot!

After a gruelling seven hours spent on coding the ledges in Pokemon, I've finally finished and I'm bloody glad. So far, the map itself is coming along nicely and with the completion of these ledges, it only really leaves grass and water animations, object depths and mapping out the rest of the cities to be completed as room transitioning and collisions are already coded.

Using the test map (hence the lack of graphics), I've successfully set up a function that allows the player to hop over the wall from one side whilst being blocked off from the other, this also includes the sides. The animation of landing and the shadow have also been added.

- yellowsubmarine

[PKMTHRW] Welcome!

[PKMTHRW] Welcome!


A quick introduction to myself as a devloper and what's to come for the game.

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