Fight to the top in a game of Mad Scientists, Evil Geniuses and Super Villains… It's World Domination! Battle friends, take down rivals, complete evil plans at the local coffee shop while you simultaneously check in via Facebook Places and Twitter Study hall becomes a chance to build alliances, stopping in at the convenience store is a chance to expand your empire, and running between classes is the perfect time for blast someone! Rule the world with over 700 card variations. Including these and many more: • Zombies • Monster sized Gorillas • Dinosaurs • Laser Sharks • Meat Seeking Piranha • Flying Monkeys! • Ray Guns and Blasters • Freeze Rays and Death Rays! • Knife Tipped Fuzzy Bunny Slippers • Judo Chops and Japanese Anime • Super Spies and Robots • Invaders from Space • Bikini Clad Assassins! • Holiday Special cards • Common and Rare versions • Hundreds more cards! Game artwork is awesome and the humor runs rampant!

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ATLANTA, Georgia (May 22, 2011) - Extrafeet,
Inc., announced today that some exciting new features have been added to their
location aware game, "Plan X: Global DominationTM". Plan X now has a
complete messaging system, providing users with two-way threaded chats, the
ability to "blast" notes to multiple players at once (in your league), and many
more tools that make the game more social, like strengthening the communication
process between friends and enemies. Other new features also include a new "Landmarks"
section where players can battle for famous landmarks no matter how far away
the player happens to be from the landmark location and improvements to the
discovery system to better connect active players to one another. The carnage is expected to be

About Plan X: Plan X is a free-to-play mobile game that combines virtual
collectable cards with location-aware gaming. Plan XTM uses the world around you as the virtual game board
where you are an Evil Genius battling friends and rivals for control of an alternate
reality. Users can check in to nearby locations via popular services such as
Twitter or Facebook to broadcast their evil dominance!

Learn more about Plan X and download the app by

Extrafeet, Inc., a mobile studio, produces mobile applications
and games that leverage social media and location. Founded in 2009 by former
employees of NewCorp's MySpace and Fox Interactive Media (FIM), Extrafeet
joined forces with employees of Screentime Media to create Plan X. To
find out more about Extrafeet or Plan X, please visit

Don Synstelien, CEO, Extrafeet


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