The game's core revolves around a 'wanted' poster system. The player enters the sheriff's office and picks a wanted poster. Each poster lists numerous rewards and unlocked upgrades available upon completing that particular mission so it's in the player's interest to choose carefully (depending on what they want to unlock next and how confident they are with the enemy levels on that mission). Then round up your posse (or go alone), saddle up, head for the hideout and clear out the gang in a fast-paced gunfight. Afterwards, head back to town, collect your reward, and have fun upgrading and purchasing weapons and various items to help you on your next mission. While you're at it why not chill out, play some games, talk to the locals and earn their respect? They might even help you out by revealing vital information (or they might betray you!)

Planned Features Include

  • Fast-paced, bloody gunfights
  • Duelling system for taking on gang leaders
  • Bullet time and weather effects
  • AI controlled posse members who will support you
  • Various mini games, events and side activities
  • Over 100 weapons to unlock
  • Side missions that unlock even more potent weapons
  • Purchasable explosives, armour and items to aid you
  • Unfolding story line revolving around the main protagonist
  • Unlockable endless modes
  • Retro 8-bit NES style graphics and animations
  • Super simple controls. Game can be played with one hand
  • Estimated 20+ hours of gameplay in main campaign (25+ with all side missions)

Features Being Considered

  • Duel SFX voicing. Both standard sampled sfx and 8-bit sound are selectable by the player
  • Duel soundtrack voicing. Hollywood cinematic and chiptune options are selectable by player

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Updated GFX Style


For those who've been following this game on TouchArcade, you'll notice a lot of differences in the new visual style presented below. Despite how nice it looks, we're still in 2 minds whether to go with the old style NES look or go with the new one. Feel free to drop your feedback below on this matter. All opinions are welcome :)

The new graphical style demonstrating new character designs and more detailed backgrounds.

This GIF demonstrates the new bullet time effect that's been added if you win a duel, along with our main hero lighting up and enjoying a victory smoke.

This GIF demonstrates the new weather FX that have been added to certain regions in the game

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