For a fan of 2D pixel RPG, it's a bit sad to realize there are a lot of ninjas Online RPG compared to pirate ones. That's how Pirate Souls began. So people can play a fan made pirate game.

You will be able to follow different paths. Be a pirate, a marine or just a sailor.

Pirates can form a crew, recruit members and have a bounty. Their goals are to have the biggest bounty and to find treasures. Like you may have guessed they also want to be the greatest of all the pirates.

Marines work for the government. Marine members have ranks and they can evolve in the marine under different ranks. Their goals are to arrest pirates and keep the peace in the world by obeying to their superiors and the Government.

Sailors are not related to any groups and can be a member of the revolutionary army. Pirates and marines can decide to be a simple sailor during their journey.

Players will have the ability to use different skills to fight. Each of them linked to one of the three specializations available: swordsman, fighter and sniper. There are also special fruits that give strange powers to the one who eat them. Those are called soul fruit.

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Pirate Souls Beta Release


Pirate Souls Online RPG Text Logo

Hello everyone, Pirate Souls team has been working daily in order to offer a nice gameplay experience to players. The alpha was a great help for that, because it put in evidence the flaws of the game and allowed us to receive player feedback. After approximately one year since the alpha, we are glad to announce that Pirate Souls Beta will release this Friday 1st July 16 h 00 UTC on Steam! Go to Pirate Souls Steam page


The beta has two new islands to explore and a bunch of new quests. It also has more techniques and new fight mechanics. However, the available soul fruits are still the same.

Pirate Souls Blazing Legs

Dedicated players will be able to stand out from other players as the beta has a reputation and an achievement system.

Pirate Souls Achievements

Another way for players to stand out will be by their character customization 🙂


For the beta, we did a lot of quality-of-life improvements. Here’s a list of some of them: the chat is easier to use, adding stats ask for a confirmation, NPC dialogues don’t require the mouse anymore and there’s a preview of your character when you want to purchase an item.

We also improved some elements of the game to make it more immersive and enjoyable. For example, we redesigned some maps and UI elements. NPCs are more challenging as they now have unique abilities. And crafter profession is easier to understand and to use.

The organization system has also been improved because we want teamwork to be an important part in the game. So, pirates can now create a crew and form one big alliance with other crews, and marines can now form a division inside “The Marines” organization where all the marine members are listed.

We also did a lot of background improvements that players will not notice. Crew and alliance system are faster, fights should feel smoother and the logic behind some elements like players synchronization has been updated.


We expect fewer bugs and exploits than in the alpha for sure! This year of development gave us the time to focus more on content and quality.

As we added more techniques, our main goal was to make the PVP and PVE funnier. So, there might be balance issues, but we are confident in the choices we made and we are open to suggestions as always.


We wanted to add a ship navigation system for the beta, but we didn’t have the time to do so. Once the beta is stable and smooth running, we will definitely focus on that and the possibility to have a faction/alliance controlling an island.

A more detailed announcement on the road map of Pirate Souls should be coming in the near future.


Since the game is no longer in an alpha state, we are not currently planning on doing a wipe. Players can evolve without the fear of losing their progression.


We would like to thank our Discord community. They are very supportive and have great ideas. Thanks to them, we implemented a lot of elements that we didn’t think about. We would also like to thank our publisher, Hitspark, and the developers of Intersect Engine.

If you want to stay connected to Pirate Souls, below are the links to follow.

Play Pirate Souls
Join Pirate Souls Discord server
Go to Pirate Souls Steam page
Follow Pirate Souls on Twitter
Check Pirate Souls videos on YouTube

Pirate Souls on Steam

Pirate Souls on Steam


Hello everybody, we are glad to announce that Pirate Souls Beta is going to release the 1st July on Steam! Approximately one year after the alpha.

Pirate Souls Beta Progression

Pirate Souls Beta Progression


In October 2021, Pirate Souls alpha version was finally stable and we decided to focus on the beta. With all the progress we have done, we are glad to...

Pirate Souls Alpha Stable

Pirate Souls Alpha Stable


Approximately 3 months ago we released the alpha version of Pirate Souls. It was a very nice moment, and we would like to thank everyone who played the...

Pirate Souls Bounty System

Pirate Souls Bounty System


In our latest article about the alpha release, we wrote about the fact that we still need to work on end-game content and that bounty system is going...

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