Pharabel Entertainment is an RPG Maker VX spin-off from the Half-Quake mod series, taking place in one of the sadism institutes called Pharabel, where its creators were trying to reimagine the concepts of sadism, but eventually fell into ruin.

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muddasheep says

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Inspired by Halfquake, this game has 18 channels, each with their own unique (mini-)boss fight at the end. Each channel has a distinct theme, so you can always look forward to seeing something new. There are even secret channels/areas in-between.
I personally find the universe fascinating, obviously because it is inspired by Halfquake, but also because Djigallag's imagination just went wild with it. If I told myself 20 years ago that this would happen to my little mod idea, I'd never believe it.
The game uses various sounds and music tracks from Halfquake, but to me the most inspiring thing was how Djigallag used Halfquake's textures in totally unique new ways. Seeing textures that I made back in 2007 with an old mobile phone, being used in a creative setting is just mind-blowing.
The new villain and the overall melancholic and depressing mood will make me recommend this game for as long as I live.
Thank you for creating this game, Djigallag. I wish you all the best for your future projects.


DmitriyTheFox says

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Наверное лучший спин-офф по вселенной "HQ" из всех, что я видел)


MrGoodManRU says

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Отличнейшая возможность вновь окунуться в так пленяющий мир Садизма, а так же замечательное приключение само по себе.



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Too lazy to write review on English, sorry


Jancias says

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