Pharabel Entertainment is an RPG Maker VX spin-off from the Half-Quake mod series, taking place in one of the sadism institutes called Pharabel, where its creators were trying to reimagine the concepts of sadism, but eventually fell into ruin.

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I've made a small patch based on feedback I got yesterday. Thank you all again for your participation.

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1.1 Update


A coin added to the skeleton on the second floor of the shop on Channel 4
Second secret on Channel 3 is now less noticeable
Warm Socks is an Accessory now
Rusted Boots are Accessory now


Fixed inaccessible secret notes on Channel 1
Fixed inaccessible text sign on Channel 4
Fixed inaccessible notes on Channel 14
Fixed a hologram on Channel 4 who was turning into a book shelf when attempt to speak with.
Fixed a phone which was turning into dishes when activated.
Fixed climbable table on Channel 4
Fixed Secret #11 on Channel 5 - now it counts as one secret instead of 3
Fixed bug in dialogue with Somos in Russian version causing game to crash.
Fixed Rewind effect on Channel 8, now it won't be triggered automatically when re-enter the level.
Fixed Skeleton Help on Channel 16 - They will no longer stuck at already opened path.
Fixed camera move with Skeleton Help, The Button is only accessible from the top now.
Fixed several issues with ability to walk through several certainly solid items.
Fixed missed translation in Russian version.

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