ShadowAcademy/CentreRangers/Anomaly/Battles/Slith/ 5 types of Bases : ShadowAcademy / AnomalyBase / TradeBase Centre of Rangers / Power Navy Base Cosmic Rangers against cosmo BioMutants

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Phantom Stars Warriors

Power Magic Starlock

RPG Multi Account ***********
PowerMagicStarlock &&&&&&&&&
&StarRubyDragon ************
Raspberry Slith **************
GreenBounty ****************

Heavy Moon Bounty Hunters

RPG Multi Account ***********
HeavyMagicMoonSTalker &&&&&
&PolarMoonSTalkerDragon ***
HeavyStormSlith *************
HeavyStorm_status_Lord ******

ZorgZa Creator

Phantom Star Warriors

you can buy/sell
characters of cosmo Heroes
.. It can also be
buy/sell of Bases
and other expensive items
as ships/miners satellites (mini base)
and bases of fighters ..
.. entire infrastructure
as own empire and
continue to play
another character of cosmo Hero
.. possible ReBuy/ReSell
using the auction and game contract
.. possible instead
buy/sell ReBuy/ReSell
use conservation as
Save to himself Info Staff
Info Staff : game profile of users
as Cosmo Office ...
.. there are other options
drive of your characters of Heroes
using star advisers for this
though it is dangerous
but the price may Rise
.. star advisers as NPC
NPC : none player character
but NPC It has the character of himself
as character of selected cosmo Hero
EpiEnd of Hero as EpiEnd of All
but in depending on tenure contracts
.. Saved Hero continue drive as NPC-hero
with entire infrastructure of Hero
.. You can play several cosmo Heroes simultaneously
but only one directly controlled
all the rest of it as Own Treasure

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ZorgZa Creator

Magic Starlock ( S4 Ah 90%M ) as Shadow SkyLiner

S : speed
A : armor

M : maneuverability in percent

h : Hidden

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ZorgZa Creator

DSE : Space Engineers multiplayer community
by Engineers for Engineers

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ZorgZa Creator

Spy Vs Spy

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