Only a few trusted in the
“Maker”. Back in time in the years of the digital era, he predicted a global disaster caused by a huge meteorite called “Phanton”. Not any scientific institution give any credit to his afirmation.The followers which support him were the ones that later invest in the construction of the “Perpetual” fleet. The ‘Perpetual’ were little hybrid ships with different tools for recycling, purify and hunting weapons.Once the perpetual’s were concluded the followers of the “maker” will remain hidden near the “everest” until the moment of the disaster started.

Game MechanicsIn:

“Perpetual” we’ll have to manage the only resource that humanity has now. We’ll be in command of one of those hybrid vessels, versatile, and sufficient resources to survive. It’s a Life or death race in which any decision will be important for survive.
Earth is now our enemy, with almost 99.9% of his surface covered by water and whipped by constant storms, hurricanes and seaquakes. The sun is the only effective way to get some power but it wont be easy to find a nice spot to refill our vessel.
We have a probing tool, a GPS,a waste recycling station,a water purification bomb and a life container. The perpetual can be recharged manually but with a huge cost.
You will have to:-Explore!. The world is full of dangers but also big surprises and misteries.-Manage the power of your “perpetual” finding zones where to recharge the solar batteries you have, use your probes and the gps to situate this points in the map.- Fishing for food. The marine fauna is rich in areas not affected by the weather. -Purifying water, many areas have been affected by the catastrophe and the water is contaminated, but there are clean areas... where storms hit.-Where are the other perpetual?, what really makes you kee going is the need of finding other survivors...¿are you the last human on earth?

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"New in Perpetual"


-Perpetual is a game of survival, exploration and creation.
-In Perpetual always we have things to do, each advance proposes a challenge to create or explore for to the player is always busy.
-Build it all, component repair, enhancements, Drones… and more
-With Drones you can fly over the surface of sea to find resources and explore the seabed.
-Explore a massive procedural world, go your own path for survival in a world dominated by the weather. Twisters, typhoons, radioactive fallout...
-The player must explore and collecting essential resources as metal, plastic, oil, gas, food… etc.
-The fishing is a challenge to survive. The player will get feats for each new fish to discover.
-System Geolocation with beacons, controls what happens to hundreds of miles away.

Potencial expansion by funding:

-Offline management system. Through a app the player can track the status of the Perpetual and managing their resources. The player can build or repair the Perpetual.

-Multiplayer, other players can join to the game to live together the survival.

Experience 100% focused on Virtual Reality. In Perpetual the gamer is in a comfortable position behind the wheel of a own ship. Everything can we handle sitting.



New ingame video Perpetual

New ingame video Perpetual

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August 25th the day we will have the first playable alpha Perpetual.

New Video Perpetual

New Video Perpetual

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Perpetual #VRJAM Oculus Rift, Milestone 2. So far we have worked on the game concept, 3D design and development of all weather effects. We want to provide...

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The Storm is coming

The Storm is coming

Movie 1 comment

In “Perpetual” we’ll have to manage the only resource that humanity has now. We’ll be in command of one of those hybrid vessels, versatile, and...

Smasher-Games - - 94 comments

Hey There Is This Unity 4 ? , Ifso Could You Get me That Water Prefab Or Asset For Free I Like It And If You Do I'll Credit You In My Game I'm Developing !

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Wolfy11 - - 10 comments

Looks nice wanna give it a try

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