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Perennial Order - a 2D Boss Rush Game

Hollow Knight meets Titan Souls in Perennial Order

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Perennial Order is a 2D plant horror boss rush game, set in an atmospheric Dark Age world plagued by nature-infested beasts.

Wishlist on Steam | 2023 Trailer | Website | Twitter

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David vs. Goliath Combat

  • Uncover a unique boss around every corner that will test you in different ways.
  • Intense combat that utilizes twin stick melee controls.
  • One-Hit-Death. Respawn directly at the beginning of an encounter to learn quickly from your actions; spend your time fighting rather than walking.

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Captivating 2D Style

  • A painterly 2D art style with a dark fantasy inspiration.
  • Themes and visuals akin to the world designs of titles like Dark Souls and Princess Mononoke.
  • Painstakingly crafted by 1 artist and 1 animator. We are developing the visual identity of Perennial Order through realistic, painterly techniques combined with 2D Spine animation.

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Plagued by Nature

  • Immerse yourself in a dreary land where unspeakable horrors roam.
  • Discover Unusual NPCs and unravel more about this mysteriously beautiful world.
  • Explore a rich atmosphere through sounds and score, with musical themes distinct to each boss.

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Bonded Journey

  • Experience the entirety of Perennial Order from start to finish with a friend.
  • Start a file with another person, so your playthrough is linked. Option to branch your game world into a single player experience.
  • Local and Online Co-Op.

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Key Features

  • Unique Bosses | Different mechanics to adapt to.
  • One-Hit-Death | Every combat choice matters.
  • Limited UI | Nothing to clog up the screen to add to the atmosphere.
  • Intriguing NPC’s and World | A world worth exploring.
  • Weather System | Reactive environment to changing weather.
  • Online and Local Co-Op | Bonded Journey mode. 2 player adventure.

Release Date

Perennial Order is in early development, so we do currently not have a release date scheduled.

The Team

Gardenfiend Games, an Indie developer of 4 is creating Perennial Order.


Wishlist on Steam

Teaser Trailer




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Hello everyone!

The Demo for Perennial Order is available on Steam, please check it out and please give us your feedback!

Perennial Order Steam Demo

Please feel free to check out our 2023 trailer as well.

We have been working extremely hard on the game so far and are already getting amazing feedback from the community.

If you'd like to join our Discord to give any feedback or ask questions we would appreciate that as well!

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Thank you very much for checking out the game, we appreciate you all!


The Gardenfiend Games Team

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Announcing Perennial Order

Announcing Perennial Order


Announcing Perennial Order, a 2D Plant Horror Boss Rush set in an atmospheric Dark Age world, plagued by nature-infested beasts.

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