Have you ever lost your car in a parking house? Then you probably know the frustration.
Parked in the Dark is an pickup-and-play arcade style game with light and comical horror themes.
Pick up clues to find your car in a deserted car park as the clock is ticking. But you are not as alone as you might think...

  • Explore 4 levels of garage.
  • Randomly parked cars every play session.
  • Find clues for visual hints of the whereabouts of your car.
  • Pickup bonuses for increased speed, time extensions, etc.
  • Run into the wailing ghosts of previous car owners still looking for their cars? Good! - They might provide you with extra bonuses!
  • Global high score table - Try to find and unlock your car the fastest!
  • Pickup lost car keys for extra bonus time.

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Parked In The Dark - Release


Parked In The Dark is a arcade style game with comical horror elements.

Find your car somewhere in the empty parking house. Time is against you and you are not alone. As the clock ticks, whatever is following you is getting more aggressive.

Parked In The Dark will be released 1 September on Steam and Google Play.

You can add it to your wishlist on Steam or pre-register on Google Play to be notified when it becomes available on the Play Store.

Release date

Release date


Parked In The Dark will be released 1 September on Steam and (hopefully) Google Play Store.

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