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Pandum is a subterranean world populated by two races, Humans and Grinches. The main town is Arkandia, a fortress which protect the Sphere of time, a mystical orb that tests adventurers' bravery and rewards them with Time seed able to open transient gates toward parallel worlds. The legend says that one day, a daemon called Caan has thrown one of these gates and uttered a curse on the world of Pandum, since, evil creatures prowl and try to seize the Sphere of time.

*** Game play ***

Players pick up one of the 3 character classes available at beginning : Magician (use staff to increase spell power) , warlord (use hammer to attack multiple targets in melee) or Grinch (can remotely engage a target using a crossbow).
Initial statistic point stock must be dispatched over 4 attributes : mental (magical power), strength (melee attack), speed (movement & spell casting) and health (endurance). Each character get a starting location on the skill grid and can freely decide of the learn path/enforcement using skill points earned during the leveling. Character level up when he gathered enough xp points and statistics attributes are then increased accordingly to the initial dispatching (excepted speed).
The main world, can be freely explored, it is composed of 3 map types :

- Trade zone : safe place, where UI react in a tradable way (sell, buy...).
- Instances : Dungeons, shared only by a player or a party.
- PV zone : open map, where players and mobs can engage each others.

The Sphere of time is the unique place to get quests which are randomly attributed accordingly to the character level. If those are achieved, the player will received a special item (seed of time) allowing to spawn a time gate toward a transient map, kind of instance having a limited life time. The content of these maps varies and can go from a juicy XP mob grind spot to a find the treasure game. The parallel worlds are the only places where we can found catchable creatures, once beaten, they can be picked up and stored in the player inventory. These creatures match a classic character account and can be played as a main character or be teamed up (summoned as a bot partner which will obey the main character directives). Creatures have their own skill grid, statistics, level and inventory (accessible from the main character), but they cannot use any equipment.

Xp is earned when a mob is killed (using a skill or the base attack), a dungeon is ended (time attack) or through special loots called XP containers. Mobs can drop some items of different natures :

- Consumables : health potions, bewitching stones...
- Gems : in game money.
- Equipments : weapons, rings and necklaces with their own statistics.

If 3 equipments of the same set are equipped, a special effect is enabled. Equipments can also be enhanced using a bewitched stone which increase statistics of a random percent between 10 and 100 (cumulated limit).
Some comfort items are also purchasable in the Arkandia store using credits : XP boost, custom character skin, guild creation parchment, bewitching accelerator... but none of them can unbalanced directly a combat or is required for a full game experience (no hyper potion of strength or enhancement safety stone). Note that comfort items are also tradable using the in game money.

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Game extension



New maps :

  • Hell gate 1
  • Hell gate 2
  • Troll fortress 1
  • Troll fortress 2
  • Canyon
  • Temple
  • Sanctuary

New features :

  • Armor enhancement
  • Faith level
  • Mounts

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Pandum online in open beta

Pandum online in open beta

News 1 comment

Pandum online has been greenlited on Steam and is scheduled in early access by july 2016.


Dude this game looks awesome but the update for the patch takes forever. I had to go threw my storage and delted the unfinished file by hand. On android btw.

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stoony Creator

We didn't find why some players get this issue while downloading update on android. We will publish a standalone up to date release in a few weeks. Thanks for your feedback.

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