Defend your lands and save your kingdom from the relentless attacks by a never-ending swarm of ORX!

ORX is part-tower defense, part-deck building card game, set in a beautifully drawn world of dark fantasy. Expand your territory, call soldiers to arms and fortify your castle with every card that you play!

As you progress through the game’s sprawling Campaign, you’ll unlock new cards for a grand total of more than 300 - all of which can be used to bolster your kingdom’s defenses. And with the powerful items, known as Artifacts, which can be found throughout the world, you can enhance your deck in game-changing ways!

Every level, tougher and more relentless enemies will assault your kingdom - and it’s up to you to pick the right strategy and rid your realm of the green-skinned menace once and for all!

  • 300+ Cards - experiment with the cards available, and unlock new ones to build the perfect deck!
  • 4 Factions, each with their own set of cards and tactics
  • A roguelike-style Campaign, featuring 3 Acts, all with their distinct biomes, day/night and season cycles!
  • Over 30 types of enemies, all chomping at the bit to burn your castle to the ground! From simple, yet nasty grunts to ORX Heroes, all equipped with unique abilities - there’s plenty of danger coming your way!
  • An advanced difficulty mode, available to those who’ve mastered the Campaign - put your tactical skills to the ultimate test!

Take Carcassonne, one of the most well-known tabletop games in the world, mix it with the ever-popular tower defense gameplay, and add the unpredictability of Slay The Spire’s deckbuilding roguelike mechanics - and you’ll get ORX!

Each level, players will build fortified castles in order to survive a relentless onslaught of enemies. Your deck is the key to your success in ORX - use the cards in your possession to build castle walls, pave roads, summon armed troops and strengthen your kingdom in many different ways!

Each card costs a certain amount of Gold - and while you earn a set amount of Gold over time, you can build Farms, Villages and other useful locations to increase your income and unlock the full potential of your deck! But remember, gold isn’t the only way to build up your realm - be sure to scout the nearby area for Vaults, containing powerful rewards.

But be warned - you only got a short amount of time before your kingdom gets rushed down by hordes of green-skinned monsters, getting angrier and more powerful, wave after wave! Gather the right deck, fortify your defenses, and think on your feet - that’s the key to standing tall against the never-ending hordes of ORX!

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The day has finally come! ORX finally launched in Steam Early Access. Don’t expect a short demo: we wanted to pack this release with as many features as we could muster so that it reflects our eventual vision for the final game. Prepare to dive deep, and we’ll be happy to guide you along the way.

So, what can you expect in this release?

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— A feature-complete Rune Wardens campaign. This is your typical ORX fare: build castles, use cards and defend them against waves of ORX. Now feature-complete and boasting multiple biomes and bosses to take a crack at!

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— Roguelite progression. The perks and disadvantages you receive after each battle carry over for a hardcore experience reminiscent of rougelite games. Plan your choices accordingly, you never know where they might come back and bite you…

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— The Dune Reavers campaign. In this brand-new campaign, you will be tasked with handling a mobile military-zone for nomadic take on the tower defense genre! Aside from the new mechanics, this campaign comes with its own biome and a set of cards and buildings exclusive to this fraction. Hope you’re ready for something completely different.

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— The card encyclopedia. As you play through the game, you will expand the encyclopedia, letting you take a deeper peak into the game’s lore and story. We’ve put quite a lot into flashing out the world of ORX, taking cues from story-heavy strategy games. If you want to do more than just ORX, then we hope you enjoy this aspect of the game as well. Don’t let the setting fool you: things might turn out to be weirder than you expect!

— Updates, fixes, and balance changes. This one is quite self-explanatory. We couldn’t have done it without our Discord community, so we hope you join the fun as well!

— Localization updates. The game already supports a number of languages, but we plan to add even more. Let’s ORX with the whole world!

That’s it for now! Quite meaty for our first big release, isn’t it? Now go get the game on Steam and don’t hesitate to join our Discord community and leave some feedback! See you soon!

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ORX — New Demo Feature Overview

ORX — New Demo Feature Overview


A complete list of new features and improvements for the newest ORX Demo.

The World of ORX — A Dive Into The Lore: Part 2

The World of ORX — A Dive Into The Lore: Part 2


Hi! In our last update, we’ve promised to conclude our brief overview of the ORX world history, and now we are doing exactly that!

ORX: How it All Began? A Dive into the Lore: Part 1

ORX: How it All Began? A Dive into the Lore: Part 1


Since our team is now working on fleshing out different factions within the game, we've decided that it would be a great moment to talk a bit about ORX...

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