OreSome is a 2D strategy game about ore -- exploring space for it, fighting aliens for it, blowing up planets with it. Build a network of frames and bots to defeat your enemies -- or just throw a sun at them. In a dying, decrepit universe full of foes, build up your forces and mine your way to the top of the food chain to explore further and further out into the void. By the time you're ready, you'll be powering light speed jump drives with stars, building Death Star style super weapons with black holes and in charge of the largest scale mining operation ever known to man -- all working for one of humanity's least scrupulous corporations -- and there's a lot of competition.

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Aug 4 2013 Anchor

I love designing ships... seriously, that's the #1 reason why I bought this game XD
Anyway, rather than posting my ships in the sharing designs thread, I'll put them all in my own thread. They'll take up a lot of space... So without further ado,

The Sssuperguy Shipyard:

Belonging to a wealthy and slightly eccentric OreSome combat veteran, this amazingly large shipyard is the main base for sssuperguy's personal fleet and trade hub for merchants that know of its location. After retiring from service at OreSome's regulation retirement age (which happens to be 150 despite OreSome's ineffective longevity treatments), he had the company build him a custom shipyard in a secret location in return for the vast quantities of ore delivered to them. Although one couldn't tell from close up the shipyard is actually curved, forming a crescent. The length of the shipyard has standard size docks that can harbor corvette class craft, the left side is one large dock for capital craft and commercial freighters, and the right side is home to rows on rows of bots. The shipyard's services include dock rental, permanant housing, bot servicing and purchase, and ore delivery to storage spaces under each dock. Although there appear to be no stationary defenses, the fleet and idle bots provide adequate defense to those who can manage to locate the base, as well as rumors of a hidden grav cannon somewhere nearby. Whether these rumers are true or not is unclear, and the shipyard will always remain open to those who are invited...

Poseidon Class Carrier:

Although weaponless and centuries old, this capital ship is far from powerless. While fragile, this long range combat carrier boasts massive thrusters, 12 drone launchers, and enough fuel to sustain itself for extensive durations of time. Deployed in swarms, when powered up the anchors stop the ship dead in space and its payload of drones are launched into the fray. However, few of these ships remain today. The Poseidon met its downfall after a breakthrough in drone technology was created, a multilaunching, compact bot carrier superframe. Due to this superframe's rapid molecular compression technology, ships of equal power to the Poseidon were created with twice the durability and with half the price, not to mention how much space was saved. After these prototypes were successful, the Poseidon was swiftly decommissioned. The ships themselves have either been stripped of components, destroyed, lost in space, or pirated. In fact, the few vessels remaining have been passed down through pirate families for generations...

Class: Carrier
Role: Long Range Combat Carrier
Manufacturer: OreSome
Tonnage: 32,000 Tons
Status: Decommissioned
Weapons: 12 drone launchers
Coverage: N/A
Drone Loadouts:
-x8 Blaster Drone
-x2 Buffer Drone
-x2 Blower Drone

Loki Class Minelayer:

This interesting tangle of delicate equipment was, in the past, key in every OreSome system defense force. Sporting boomer bot launchers, the Loki can fire 4 mines at once in a neat spread at an allied location- or in the face of an angry attacker. Once its payload of mines is launched, the minelayer can then park itself near the closest star and its components will then generate the needed resources for 4 new mines. A small cargo area also provides ore storage for long-term deployment. The design itself however is aged and much less efficient than its modern-day doppelgangers, mainly due to the same breakthroughs in bot tech that put the Poseidon out of service. Yet despite its shortcomings the Loki is still in active service, used primarily in defending resource-poor sectors or colonies with a tight budget.

Class: Utility
Role: Minelayer
Manufacturer: OreSome
Tonnage: 26,000 Tons
Status: Active
Weapons: 4 mine launchers
Coverage: Low

Prometheus Class Missile Frigate*:

This large yet compact frigate is adequately named for its abilities- mainly widespread destruction with a fiery blaze. Used in close combat the Prometheus is capable of firing a huge payload of boomer bots and causing widespread havoc among enemy fleets. The Prometheus is very fast for its bulk and common tactics suggest flying into the heat of battle, launching its boomers, and darting out of reach. However, this vessel also contains massive storage spaces, capable of storing enough ore for numerous replacement boomers. With this advantage the Prometheus is commonly found hiding behind the largest capital ships in the fleet, launching a steady stream of boomers ahead of it. With its newly developed carrier superframe, this vessel also can double as a close combat carrier, best paired with guerilla tactics for lack of heavy armor.

Class: Frigate
Role: Missileship
Manufacturer: OreSome
Tonnage: 36,500 Tons
Status: Active
Weapons: 1 Carrier Frame, 6 PDF cannons
Coverage: Very Low
Payload: Boomer Bots

Pirate "Crook" Corvette*:

No matter what day and age you're in, there will always be pirates. From sea to space- they'll always be there for you. Or to be exact, there for your loot. In general as piracy is illegal, pirates will always be hiding or on the run, resulting in less infrastructure or resources in the pirate "society". Therefore, most pirate ships are either stolen or improvised. The Crook is the latter, a hodgepodge of civilian and military hulls cobbled together with jury rigged systems. The crook is typically used in lower-end crimes, as poor capabilities make it an easy opponent for other ships.

Class: Corvette
Role: Close Combat
Manufacturer: Pirates
Tonnage: 1,200 Tons
Weapons: 3 blaster bots
Coverage: Low
Threat Level: Low

OreQward "Reclaimer" Utilityship

After the second largest comms failiure in recorded history, the financially troubled OreQward corporation was tasked with reconnecting themselves with the tens of thousands of lost colonies, ships, and outposts. With a devious "2 birds one stone" approach, the CEO of OreQward decided to downsize, by abandoning absolutely everything affected by the incident. In order to save face support was finally sent in the form of the Reclaimer, a salvage ship tasked with gathering up the lost pieces of OreQward's former civilization. Living conditions aboard the Reclaimers were of standard OreQward quality, i.e. horrible. In fact, circulating rumors speak of the Reclaimers' crew living off of food rations found from salvaged derilects. If only the poor saps knew what that claw could really do for them...

Making this gave me so much grief... be glad I didn't give up. Please excuse the mixed frames, activating each one kinda sucked :l

Class: Utility
Role: Salvager
Manufacturer: OreQward
Tonnage: 28,500 Tons
Weapons: 2 blaster bots
Coverage: Low
Threat Level: Very low

Pirate "Bandit" Cruiser*:

How pirates ever obtain some of the technology they're seen with, the world will never know. In the Bandit's case, a buffer bot paired with planetary engines give this vessel extreme speeds and regenerative properties. Obviously the bandit presents more of a threat than the Crook, yet in spite of its technology the Bandit's structural integrity is weak. If a pilot knows where to hit it, the Bandit can be destroyed fairly easily. If not however, a pilot may find trouble in handling this ship. The Bandit will most likely be sighted at the core of small fleets or at times, found paired with a similar vessel.

Class: Cruiser
Role: Combat support
Manufacturer: Pirates
Tonnage: 11,000 Tons
Weapons: 5 blaster bots
Coverage: Moderate
Threat Level: Moderate

"Apprentice" class Corvette

Created within and patented by the sssuperguy shipyards, this vessel is and will remain part of the sssuperguy defence force as well as an escort for merchants in need. Preferably wealthy merchants in need. Packing a powerful punch for its size and utilizing blower bot technology, the Apprentice is a worthy adversary for any corvette class and when in groups could easily take down a cruiser. When needed, the vessel can dock at a standard shipyard dock, with the capability being provided by the Y frame at the ship's aft. The Apprentice's chassis is made of a durable and super-lightweight material not common in any other mass produces ships, giving it yet another tactical advantage. However the Apprentice is expensive to produce and most existing Apprentices are stretched thin. Either way however, these ships are high quality warships and should not be taken lightly.

Class: Corvette
Role: Escort/Defence
Manufacturer: Sssuperguy Shipyards
Tonnage: 1337 Tons ;)
Status: Active
Weapons: 4 blaster bots, 2 blower bots
Coverage: High

Automatons Modular Destroyer*

The Automatons are an artificial race given life by the sssuperguy shipyards. Being an independant and self sustained shipyard, resource and crew supply to its disposal is quite limited. In order to meet the demand of defense, maitenance, and trade, a race of highly intelligent and skilled bionic humanoid was created in order to lighten the loads of thee rest of the shipyard. To ensure that this new race wouldn't go rogue, 3 rules unearthed from ancient literature were programmed into each Automaton, ensuring that they would never harm a human.
Today, Automatons can be seen in their own specially designed ships to suit their needs. Main tasks given to them involve upkeep of the shipyard and fleet, defence patrols, and cargo hauling. Usually a compliment of Automatons are on every ship to keep crew requirements to a minimum.
Automaton ships are designed to suit all purposes, from utility to warship. This ship, the Modular Destroyer, contains a basic armored frame with 7 hardpoints suitable for any module connection. This specific ship (D-107) has 2 gun modules, 2 minelayer modules, 2 utility modules, and 1 thruster module. The ship is self sustaining and can, theoretically, last for years without ever needing to return to port.

Class: Destroyer
Role: Varies
Manufacturer: Sssuperguy Shipyards
Tonnage: 38,000 Tons
Status: Active
Weapons: Varies
Coverage: Varies

Pirate "Pillager" Utility

One of the few symmetrical pirate ships out there, the Pillager's engineers went through the ordeal to get the most out of this ship's unparalleled propulsion systems. By first glance you could probably figure out what the Pillager was made to do, break through enemy defences and fly away with the prize. The Pillager is definitely both powerful enough and fast enough to raid most outposts and only the largest defenders could stop it in time. However one-on-one combat is a different story. If not on a raid, the Pillager is likely to flee to a defended area and chasing it would be a bad idea. However if you do get the oppertunity to fight one, approach from the rear. There are few pirate clans with one of these in their arsonal however, as the necessary components to create it would be hard to obtain.

Class: Utility
Role: Piracy
Manufacturer: Pirates
Tonnage: 33,000 Tons
Weapons: 6 blaster bots
Threat level: Low

OreStruck "Sentinel" Cruiser*

After the news that the Automatons were created was publicly released, a new faction then entered fray and that faction had attitude. Although there had been no confirmed sightings of the OreStruck race by any faction, OreStruck's legal department won the day and OreStruck was entitled to every Automaton asset. However the Automatons had no "deactivate" button (it was replaced with the coffeemakers) and launched into full-out war with the OreStruck corp.
OreStruck gave the Automatons a run for their money however, with ships that although not modular, could still serve multiple purposes. For the Sentinel's case, a laser satellite in tow can provide excellent rear coverage or a permanant means of defending a sector. The Sentinel's weakness is that its size doesn't allow storage to build multiple satellites. So when its payload is deployed, it must return home for another. This is the time when a fast enough ship has a good chance of besting this vessel.

Class: Sentinel
Role: Close Combat Defender
Manufacturer: OreStruck
Tonnage: 18,000 Tons
Weapons: 8 blaster bots, 1 laser satellite
Coverage: Very High
Threat level: High

The Shoal*

A wide expanse of asteroids, debris, and mystery, the Shoal is both hazardous and alluring to every pilot who encounters it. Few pilots can resist exploring this enigma, yet none of these scouts were ever heard from again. A professional research team was once sent with a high powered scout and mobile laboratory to learn about the area. The results were inconclusive- the best theorey being the implosion of a massive advanced alien space station. With the prospect of alien technology hidden inside the debris the owner of the sector quickly put the project under wraps, developed a cover story, and mass released warnings to get pilots to stay away at all costs. The same scientists then named it the Shoal, which became dubbed the "Junkyard" by most other space-farers. Today only the most daredevil and more mentally unstable pilots dare to navigate the Shoal in search of, as rumors has it, prized alien technology deep inside the Shoal...

The Shoal is full of goodies and hazards, as well as countless obsticles. At the center of the Shoal is an Invulnera Engine guarded by 3 drifters, a cluster of boomers, a recycler trap, and a pirate kamikaze ship. Other capturable tifbits include a builder frame, a chain of solar frames, a blower bot, and a small hopper. The hopper however is a trap designed to lead players into the more difficult direction. The suggested tactic is to quickly come in from the left and snatch the blower bot which can be later used against the kamikaze ship. Once you have it installed, apporach from the lower left where there is less debris and disable the recycler trap. Lure the kamikaze ship away from the area while keeping it at bay with the blower bot to where you can safely destroy it. Lastly return to the Shoal and snatch the Engine or clear out every enemy for the purpose of more salvage.

OreQward "Helios" Collecter
When the OreQuard Corporation isn't busy sorting out another company crisis, it's busy unearthing itself from the financial deficeit that's been burying it for a long time. The Helios is one of OreQuard's little minions programmed to fly itself into the nearest sun. Rather than being destroyed in a fiery blast, solar panels trigger anchoring systems that lock the ship into a stable position where it can then harvest Energite. Rather than returning to base, the ore gets loaded into the builder which detatches and returns the ore itself. This is because tearing the Helios away from the sun would require detatching the panels from the rest of the ship, pushing the ship away, and manually shoving the panels back into the ship. The Helios is unarmed and flies clumsily, yet will never be found in the battlefield.

Class: Helios
Role: Utility
Manufacturer: OreQward
Tonnage: 1,600 Tons
Weapons: Unarmed
Coverage: N/A
Threat Level: None

Automaton Modular Battleship (MB) *in construction*

With the OreStruck threat nearing several Automaton industrial areas, the Automaton Mind rushed into creating new designs that were superior to OreStruck warships. The first of which was the Modular Battleship, a blocky and heavily armored craft with many weapon systems including a duo of bombard frames. Like the MD each of the battleship's major hardpoints can connect with a variety of weapons and utility components, letting the battleship adapt to most situations. However unlike its smaller counterpart, the MB lacks permanant manufacturing equipment and can't repair itself after battle. However all OreStruck equipment is compatible with Automaton equipment, granting the MB the ability to scavenge frames from what it destroys. Although blocky and ugly, the MB has surprisingly good handling as well as speed.

Class: Battleship
Role: Varies
Manufacturer: Automatons
Tonnage: 45,000 Tons
Status: Active
Weapons: 8 blaster bots, 2 buffer bots, 2 bombard frames
Coverage: High


More coming eventually. Meanwhile if anyone has suggestions or wants to point out mistakes, feel free to!

Edited by: sssuperguy

Aug 4 2013 Anchor

Some very cool looking ships there! Interesting descriptions too.

Mind if I use some of these pictures in a future news post? It's nice to show off what can be done.

Also, if you want to submit any designs for inclusion to the full game, I'll be happy to consider them (though they might can modded slightly, depending on the design). I give out a free key for any design included in the game.

Aug 4 2013 Anchor

Why thank you, and I'll keep making more. Go ahead for the news post, feel free to use anything I upload. Otherwise posting them online would be... kinda pointless if nobody sees them. I'd like to submit some of them, which ones all depend on whether the AI can use them properly as well as the player. If you want to yourself, you could possibly adapt the carriers (first 3) to all use carrier frames, if that will work. I have all plans saved except for the Poseidon and of course that's the largest ship I have -.-
We could put the shipyard in too... that'll take a lot of effort, the screenshot is all that I made of it and it's huge alone.

I'll put a * next to the ones I'd like to upload. Currently that's only the Crook as I love the idea of pirate enemies, but if there's a way to get the carriers in there then please let me know.

By the way what is a key? Other than the obvious definition...

^^^maybe use that for advertising? Haha..

Oh, one more thing. Do the other 2 factions (the black and white ones) also have names as well as any background info? I'd like to build ships for them as well yet I don't know what to call them.

Edited by: sssuperguy

Aug 6 2013 Anchor

I rather like the pirate enemies idea. I'll be happy to add things to the game if you upload the plans somewhere.

By key I mean a key that can be put into Desura to get a copy of the game free - you'd be able to give it to whoever you think might like it.

The factions are:

OreQward (brown)
OreSruck (white)
OreFull (black)

The descriptions are found in game after you encounter them.

Rundown, rusty and relatively harmless, OreQward has been in hard times for a good while. and won't waste valuable energy on fighting you unless you really invade their personal space. If you do though, all bets are off. OreQward has bases throughout the Badlands, as well as a number of patrols, though they've been going quieter recently. Fewer worlds respond every year, but hey, maybe it's just faulty comms. Thousands of them. I'm sure it's fine.

Once upon a time, there was a shining white company (with red go faster stripes) that got all the money, all the breaks, all the ore... those sons of... Anyway, we're not bitter. OreStruck units, last heard of heading into Uncharted territory to look for future prospects, are known for attacking every percieved enemy on sight. We are well shot of them, in this archive's opinion.

OreFull Corporation is frankly, a mystery to what's left of the universe. They've been gone a long, long time to parts far, far away. The Chaotic Regions at least. The first bioforms were sighted out there. So they're probably all dead. Better that way, less competition.

Aug 6 2013 Anchor

Hey, I actually got the OreFull info right! I was going to make them into a long dead race controled by residual AI. Good job in that case.

"red go faster stripes", love the OreStruck's description :D
I'll find a way to fit it into the lore I already have for the destroyer I made yesterday. It'll probably include conflict about copyright..

Anyways I'll start uploading some of these designs soon. A lot of my ships involve launching fighters or boomers so is there a way to add in the carriers so that the AI could use them? I don't exactly need a key as I don't know anyone who would like it (the fools). In fact I don't know anyone else with Desura, I'll have to start making some online friends now!

Uh, lastly if you ever need an idea for a 5th faction (or 6th, if you're going to add pirates) perhaps consider some kind of infected faction. They'd have frames covered with some kind of sickly organic gloop, visibly mutated bots, etc. So that's just a thought if you wanted any ideas of the sort. Also I seriously suggest editing the shipyard so that you don't need to activate every single frame not belonging to your faction. Gotta tell you, so far making a ship for another faction is just plain annoying sometimes.

Aug 7 2013 Anchor

I suggest powering a con zone frame where you want to place them. That will auto construct them for you. It's the way it is so I can use it when creating missions that often need unbuilt frames in them.

I would suggest making all your designs (besides the pirate ones) using standard frames, because the designs get spawned in using the appropriate faction's frames no matter what they're saved as. You can see this yourself if you drop your designs into the game's plans folder - you can then deploy them in shipyard mode with whatever faction you prefer.

Aug 7 2013 Anchor

Twice now you've avoided my question about the carriers :)

So I should make every design with standard frames... That makes sense yet if I didn't want to, that would be ok right? Also what would happen to the pirate ships with mixed frames?
Could you please direct me to where the game's plans folder is? Assuming it's not in the Documents -> SavedGames folder. Also looked in programsx86, couldn't find it.

Oh, I found a filesharing site in English, I'm hoping to use it for all of my shipyard plans. I haven't used the software before so this is pretty much a test run. I found a plan marked "Transporter", probably something I made a long time ago. This is the download link, it worked for me but I want to make sure it works for everyone.

Aug 7 2013 Anchor

Apologies - honestly, I don't know. There's some basic code for the AI to use carriers, but it's been a while since that went in, so it's hard to know how well it works these days. It wouldn't be difficult to fix up though, if necessary.

It's entirely up to you which you make them out of - for the pirates, I'd have to make a mod or two to get them to work - or deploy them as quests instead of spawnable ships. Again, not to hard to put in.

That programfiles (x86) folder is where the standalone installs to - I'm not sure where Desura puts it. If it's like steam, there's a Desura games folder somewhere.

Filesharing site looks fine, download works.

Aug 7 2013 Anchor

Thanks for the answers. Actually what I'll just do is put up the download link for every ship (excluding the first one, that one isn't saved). I'd like the ones with the red * to be put in, and the rest are entirely up to you. If you think they'd be a nice addition then go ahead, and if you don't want to bother than don't. However until it'll let me reload saved plans without crashing, you'll have to look out for junk and other stuff that comes along with the ship. Thanks to my neglect there's 4 silo bases somewhere around the Pillager (I'll add that one here in a bit).

Desura does have a file in the (x86) folder yet apon opening (and opening the games folder) every file I've seen has no understandable title.

Hm, con frame... kinda works, it takes a while to activate them and placing multiple build frames makes it lag. Still though, much better than nothing.


Hey, found the file and dropped all of my plans in there. Yep, lots of junk to clean out. In that case it's probably not a good idea to use the download links up there at the moment. I'll let you all know when they're updated. Now the thing is that the only way to clean out the junk is by importing the file through the OreSome game files, resulting in an extra builder bot that can't be deleted. Any way to get around this?

Edited by: sssuperguy

Aug 8 2013 Anchor

Kill the extra one with the bomb tool.

Aug 8 2013 Anchor

Shipyards crashes when any OreSome builder bot is destroyed.

Aug 8 2013 Anchor

So it does. I'll change that in the next version.

I can tidy that up myself if necessary though.

Aug 8 2013 Anchor

Thanks. Seriously though, there's a lot of cleaning to do. I'd advise a lot more shipyard tools, such as the ability to select multiple frames, a copy paste tool, a multiple-frame destruct tool, a mirror ship tool, an undo/redo tool, etc.

Aug 8 2013 Anchor

Entirely agree, but a lot of that's not quick to implement, sadly.

Aug 8 2013 Anchor

If you were able to put one tool in a near update I'd reccomend a multi select... then we could move or destroy multiple frames at once. It would be the most effective took hands down, I'd say.

Aug 9 2013 Anchor

I may look into that. One way to kill a bunch of stuff at once in the mean time is to spawn a sun, move it into all the stuff you want killed, then use the bomb tool on it.

It's not ideal, I know, but it may be a useful tip.

Also, I've got two of your designs in the next version, which should be up this weekend, depending on when Desura posts it.

Aug 9 2013 Anchor

Good idea with the sun, that will save me a lot of time for future designs. Can't wait for the update btw, thanks for the work you've put into my designs. I know you've done at least something with them as they never spawn in the right place. Until then, breaktime from making ships.

Edited by: sssuperguy

Aug 9 2013 Anchor

That's something being fixed in the next update too - ships will spawn centred on the builder bot instead of wherever it feels like.

Aug 9 2013 Anchor

Yes! Thank you. I have another idea for a plan. It will be a scrapyard of asteroids, ruined bases, and derilects that might feel like attacking. However in the center there will be a prize...

A couple suggestions:
One, a way to assign behavior to ships. It would be relatively simple, one for aggressively seeking out the player, another for keeping away from the player, and another to keep moving from point A to point B.

Second, the option to build more builder bots in shipyard mode. If I want to make a fleet I'd rather have a builder for each ship rather than one builder and the rest being brainers.

Junkyard added as of now.

Edited by: sssuperguy

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