OreSome is a 2D strategy game about ore -- exploring space for it, fighting aliens for it, blowing up planets with it. Build a network of frames and bots to defeat your enemies -- or just throw a sun at them. In a dying, decrepit universe full of foes, build up your forces and mine your way to the top of the food chain to explore further and further out into the void. By the time you're ready, you'll be powering light speed jump drives with stars, building Death Star style super weapons with black holes and in charge of the largest scale mining operation ever known to man -- all working for one of humanity's least scrupulous corporations -- and there's a lot of competition.

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Alpha v0.53 Multiplayer desync (Games : OreSome : Forum : Bug Reports : Alpha v0.53 Multiplayer desync) Locked
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May 22 2013 Anchor

Hello again.
So, the currently the multiplayer has its problems and one of those problems is the heavy desync.
For example, you trap a players builder bot inside a capture claw
player 1 can see how the claw is closed and player 2 is inside
while for player 2 the claw might not even be closed at all so he just flies outside and for example destroys player 1
but player 1 does not notice all that because in his game, player 2 is still inside the capture claw, flying and shooting against the walls of it.

the capture claw is only one example, this desync between players happens with pretty much everything all the time in the current game version
the higher the latency is, the faster desync becomes obvious
I think the game needs something in its algorithm to prevent this butterfly effect.

May 23 2013 Anchor

The claw is particularly susceptible to this effect. If you could list the other times it happens here, that could be helpful. This is basically why multiplayer is still labelled experimental...

May 23 2013 Anchor

I don't know where to start because I had heavy desync even only with 2 builder bots and nothing else built and it was pretty much like this:

Player 1 kills player 2 (with the mining drill which is also not working all the time, because it is randomly exploding upon launch most of the time)
while player 2 did not die at all in his client (he was one-shot in player 1's client because of a critical hit i think)
so player 2 then had no resources in player 1's game version because he just died.
but player 2 did not die in his client so he still has resources and can actually drop them into space which is also visible for player 1. :?
and also player 2 uses ability's which are completely invisible and non interactive for player 1 (like for example an asteroid storm which is completely visible and interactive for player 2 and even punches player 1 away in his game, but not in the game of player 1)
Instead of seeing the ability, player 1 just hears the sound that runs every time you fail to use an ability.

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May 24 2013 Anchor

Right, should be able to get some of that fixed for the next version along with adding the rudiments of region generation back (stars/black holes only to begin with). Asteroid storm and planet generator won't work correctly until all planetoids are in though.

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