OreSome is a 2D strategy game about ore -- exploring space for it, fighting aliens for it, blowing up planets with it. Build a network of frames and bots to defeat your enemies -- or just throw a sun at them. In a dying, decrepit universe full of foes, build up your forces and mine your way to the top of the food chain to explore further and further out into the void. By the time you're ready, you'll be powering light speed jump drives with stars, building Death Star style super weapons with black holes and in charge of the largest scale mining operation ever known to man -- all working for one of humanity's least scrupulous corporations -- and there's a lot of competition.

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Alpha v0.53 more problems with sound (Games : OreSome : Forum : Bug Reports : Alpha v0.53 more problems with sound ) Locked
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May 22 2013 Anchor

Bug number one: I have only tested this with the Builder Bot in the shipyard. Whenever you hold the default S or W key the thruster starts and sound appears like it should... but if you then hold a turning key as well (A or D) and then release W or S the thrust sound continues until you release A or D which is odd because if you just use A or D by itself it does not produce any thrust sounds

Bug number two: This one is about the settings again, and i cannot really explain what's going on there so i will make another step by step report

  1. Start Oresome with Sound effects preset on 0/10
  2. Start shipyard mode
  3. Change sound effects volume to something above 0/10
  4. press Back, that should work since of the last patch. so go back to the main menu again
  5. Start shipyard mode once again
  6. Notice that sound is disabled again, but if you look in the options it is what you have set it to before and not 0/10
  7. Pressing back from the options menu does not fix the sound, the value must be changed once to fix it
  8. (this might "work" with music volume as well but i did not try that)
May 22 2013 Anchor

Easy fixes, in for next time.

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