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What is Order Of Will (Story) ?

It's a adventure, puzzle, horror themed game. Every five years one of the Orders pick on person to take a test, he/she will not know it's them until the test begins or if this is the test. You play as Geo a human half breed, you awaken in a room from a voice calling out, you wonder if the voice if from will who is a member of the Order, the walls are moving around you, the voice tells you to work a head to find a lader so you can move on not sure who the voice is from you follow out the Orders, the laders leads you to a room with three "Doors" each leading to a new location, It's up to you witch to take and how it will end...

What are these "Doors" ?

The "Doors" are like a gateway to one place to another other, each "Door" have a room inside and each room have other "Doors" it's up to where the player wants to go and how he wants to end it. "Doors" are two way meaning once on the other side you can aways come back and go somewhere eles. The "Doors" are not linked by levels we did this so there is a smother transaction from one place to another, but you might say if the map is big wont that just make it lag a lot, yes and no, we stop this lag with Occlusion, Occlusion is a feature in unity witch only renders objects in the cameras path so this stops the game fron rendering to many objects in the game to make it lag.

First person or third person ?

We did not know how players would like to play the game so we made it both, not everyone likes First person and other don't like third person, so you can change what mode you play in on the go.Is this game done, when can i play it ?No this game is not done, it's in very early development right know and we are looking at a late 2013 releases (this can change).

Below here you you can fine screen shots and other fancy stuff.


Main Room

Room 1

Room 2

Special Thanks

I would like to thank you for showing an interest in this thread and taking you time in reading into my game, fell free to comment you feedback down below, tell me what you like, dont like and if you think i should add something into the game. Thank you and have a good day or night.

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Update 2 - I'm Back


Hello Indie DB Community,

Yes thats right I'm still alive and working hard on "Oder Of Will" a lot had been done since i last updated you and have been busy with other projects on my plate, so i have not really had that much time to work on this game as i would like to, but still this game is moving along smoothly and i will be showing off more screenshot soon of the game, pulse some more videos coming soon, so keep your eyes on Oder of Will to see more.

And now screenshot time. ^_^

Thats all for now and will keep you posted as the news come.

Update 2 - Order Of Will Trailer - 1

Update 2 - Order Of Will Trailer - 1


It's here the first trailer for "Order Of Will" the trailer shows of the character animation eg, walk,run.climb lader, climb over and up objects and some...

Update 1 - changes to room two

Update 1 - changes to room two

News 3 comments

Hello IndieDB Community, in this update to "Order Of Will" you see the changes to room to play all the animation are done for the player pulse the opening...

Guest - - 695,910 comments

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Kuznetsovsky - - 284 comments

Mhm, mhm, I like this. It looks nice indeed.

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OrderOfWill Creator
OrderOfWill - - 2 comments

The first trailer for the game will be up soon just need to wait, the post is currently awaiting admin authorization.

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xxblx - - 9 comments

Look nice.

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