While I'm recovering from burnout of making Tank City, I decided to make another game.

Orbstinate is an arcade game with simple controls. Main object is the ball which automatically goes up-down, bouncing away from the first object it hits. Player controls horizontal movement of the ball and has to get to the exit of the level.
Originally intended as a speedrun (challenge to see how fast can I produce it), I took the game and started expanding it into what it is now.

Rest of the description is work in progress

Music: Short loops from Playonloop.com
Sound effects: Bfxr.net
Everything else is made by yours truly.

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Update, finally



Man, I finally get to write an update... in the last 2 months I had to abandon all projects I had and focus on my studies to pass the exams. With all but one out of the way now, I finally managed to resume work on the game.

Simple level New visuals

So, biggest update right now is change of visuals. I decided to make a water theme to replace current tiles. I also changed the colors of the walls to increase clarity, because after few people have played it that it was too confusing having current colored ball - destructible wall scheme; so, right now bubble destroys rock of the same color. There are still few tiles (notably exit and walls shooting lasers) I have no idea with what to replace them with; hopefully that problem will be resolved soon.
All visuals are still work in progress and they will be replaced as I get closer to the finishing of the production. Especially background, which is temporary image downloaded from the Internet.

New visuals

Second update is the way levels are being loaded and organized. As I like how Sapphire Yours handles the levels, I've used it as an inspiration and adapted it for my game. For now, it looks like this:

Level select screen

As I'm not an artist, and am working alone on this during my free time, main menu screen is still unfinished. Levels are progressed through alphabetically through each difficulty, passing into higher difficulty when last level in previous difficulty set is cleared. Levels also hold information such as author and short description as I plan for players to share them.

I've been also working on the proper level editor which could be included with the game at a later time due to me cutting corners (maybe a little too much) so that I can get basic functionality as soon as possible. Thanks to that, it's extremely ugly and crude, so in its the current state I can't present to you. Once it's finished completely it will be added into the game, as there are people who are much better in level designing than I am.

New visuals

Current goals are:

  • Fixing various issues with the game
  • Further improving the visuals; after finishing all tiles, focus will be shifted to logo and background
  • Replacing background music

If you want to try the game, old alpha is still valid as I didn't make any gameplay changes. Hopefully, I'll soon release new demo which will contain these updates and better levels.

Orbstinate Alpha (Win-XNA)

If you have any suggestions, feel free to message me. As I'm still a novice in all this, I'll greatly appreciate them.

Thanks for reading.

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Orbstinate Alpha (Win-XNA)

Orbstinate Alpha (Win-XNA)


Alpha version of the Orbstinate, showcasing 6 simple levels which gradually increase in difficulty. As it's still in production, expect few bugs, especially...

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the video makes this game look easy...this is not an easy game.

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