Oort Star is a science fiction game set some 450 years into the future. You are free to roam around its expansive Universe with thousands of locations, hundreds of systems and vast array of Alien races. Players are encouraged to interact with each other and progress their captains career, There is as wide diversity of in game mechanics to ensure you are never bored and always challenged. The game is Free to play and only requires the use of a modern standards complaint browser and an internet connection.

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Blowing up other ships can be one of the most fun parts of any game, in Oort Star it will be no different. We have designed a Universe populated by hundreds of different enemies, and by different we don’t just mean we changed their name.

These differences include both the equipment the enemy can use and how it will behave, from trying to escape to being overly aggressive. Some enemies will have a single gun and small shield, others will have a variety of weapons, missiles, drones and repair tools.

You will need to learn ship classifications or prepare for anything when you engage in battle. To aid you on this we have provided access to countless combat scanners, offering a combination of more ships or more details.

Being able to customise your own experience is something we value and will provide where ever we can. If you simply want to find more ships then just increase your range, if you want to know about their armoury or combat strategy then that’s your choice and an available option.

For full details on combat scanning we’ve just release a new blog article, let’s talk combat scanning.

Unveiling the skill system

Unveiling the skill system


This week we completed work on the Oort Star skill system and have written up a detailed article covering exactly how it works.

Sign up for beta

Sign up for beta


Over the next couple of months we will be inviting new players to join us and help test Oort Star. If you would like to take part then please fill in...

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Jul 5 2016

It's #screenshotsaturday once more and this week we have more ships and combat scanning! Oortstar.com

Feb 2 2013

Did you know in Oort Star you can team up with a friend and battle enemies together? Or should you wish, another team of players!

Feb 1 2013

Let's talk combat scanning Oortstar.com will you choose quantity or quality? #gamedev #indiegaming

Jan 30 2013

More targets or more details? Just one of the choices you will have to make when scanning for enemy ships.

Jan 29 2013

Blue, red or green? Everyday is filled with difficult decisions, but which colour to use if often the hardest.

Jan 27 2013

New ships, rare artefacts and someone’s lunch? It’s obviously #screenshotsaturday again! Oortstar.com

Jan 26 2013

So that's what combat looks like, we've just finished the UI for our combat system, time to add some interaction.

Jan 24 2013

`Enemy ships spotted all around us captain` *oops* we better lower the frequency numbers....

Jan 23 2013