“Physics are very good on this game. Really fun to play. Recommended!”
Recommended! – Jimmy Dali (49,9k subscribers)

“I think that Offroad Mania is fantastic. I really love the physics.”
Fantastic – Sim UK (17,1k subscribers)

“You will find some amazing physics for the game. And its a single developer game as well, he responds to his fans via his discord and I love that, plus the game is only $4.99.”
I love it – Xofroggy (14,4k subscribers)



Offroad Mania — based on realistic car physics game for everyone, who like off road and challenge.

Play in Classic (120 levels) + Free roam + Endless (rocks, trees, bridges, ramps and so on). Unlock 7 amazing 4×4 off road cars (differents suspensions, engines, sounds) for fun driving.


Classic trial on special levels. All levels have start/finish and 3 trophies. No time limit.

Hard mode - get all trophies with one attempt.
Cockpit mode - complete all levels with cockpit view.

Free ride without limitation. No start/finish and no trophies. No time limit.

Endless road with trophies. No start/finish, 1 trophies for 1 piece of track. No time limit.

In near time.
p.s. Now Endless mode generates a track of 60 pieces (later we will add more).


  • Classic (120 levels) + Free roam + Endless (rocks, trees, bridges, ramps and so on)
  • 7 amazing 4×4 off road cars (differents suspensions, engines, sounds)
  • Car physics based game
  • Car and driver customizing
  • Fun driving gameplay
  • Flat graphics (colorful and clean)
  • Gamepad support


We regularly improve the game with you (write your ideas in Community Hub and Discord).


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Offroad Mania 1.0.27 updates

Last 2 month we work on new update "CLASSIC 2" and today we are happy to release it.
It's a 120 new levels (60+60 reversed) that increase gameplay by 2 times!

Some screenshots:
Offroad Mania 1.0.27 updates
Offroad Mania 1.0.27 updates

Because it's a MAJOR UPDATE also we make a special Discount 21% for 14 days (Sep 9-23, 2021).

p.s. Buy and say your friends about our game. The more players, the more updates. Thank you!

Offroad Mania 1.0.27 updates

Many of the players noted a huge plus of Offroad Mania -- regular updates.

Yes! We strive to do the following updates regularly (at least once a month).

Regular updates are:
+ new cars,
+ new levels for Classic mode,
+ new pieces for Endless mode,
+ new track for Racing mode,
+ new game modes
and so on.

Offroad Mania 1.0.27 updates:
+ added Classic 2 mode (120 new levels)

Also we made a new game trailer:

Now I modeling a new car (hint: it made in USA) and plan to add in near time.

Write your ideas for a new updates in Community Hub and Discord.


Offroad Mania 1.0.26 updates

Offroad Mania 1.0.26 updates


Added Car setup: ride height, preload, stiffness, damping, pressure.

Offroad Mania 1.0.25 updates

Offroad Mania 1.0.25 updates


Added: Endless 'Hard mode' (with time limit) + 35 new pieces

Offroad Mania 1.0.24 updates

Offroad Mania 1.0.24 updates


Changed Option menu, added brightness setting, added more saturation

Offroad Mania 1.0.23 updates

Offroad Mania 1.0.23 updates


Added: New bonus car. Add to wishlist now and buy Offroad Mania with discount 21% in May 10-24, 2021!

Comments Creator

Offroad Mania 1.0.4 updates:
+ added gamepad triggers for accelerate/brake
+ added 'steering speed' settings
+ added camera view 'left', 'right', 'rear'
+ increased engine braking
+ increased zoom speed
+ fixed physics glithes
+ fixed levels glithes

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Full price $4.99 and 10% discount on release day. Add to wishlist!

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Offroad Mania 1.0.3 updates:
+ added "camera invert axis" settings
+ added camera view "bonnet"
+ fixed controller deadzone issue

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Offroad Mania 1.0.2 updates:
+ added 'freelook speed' settings in options
+ added 'always freelook' settings in options
+ improved physics: balanced grip and acceleration
+ fixed bug with dips into the stones

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Good news! You can add Offroad Mania to your Steam wishlist

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Offroad Mania 1.0.1 updates:
+ improved physics: more grip and stability
+ added auto-camera settings at options

Write me in Discord and I give free game keys.

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Offroad Mania — Development
Programming: Armory3D (cross-platform 3d engine), Adobe AIR (programming).
Graphics: Blender (3d modeling), Adobe Photoshop (postprocessing), TexturePacker (GUI).
Sounds: Wavosaur (postprocessing), (sounds sources).
Music: Cubase (writing own soundtracks).

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Feedback thread for feedback, suggestions etc.

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I maked PC Windows version with fullscreen mode and gamepad support:
Offroad Mania on Kartridge for $3.49 (30% discount Nov 29 - Dec 6)

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