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      • So...
      • What is OBSESSION?
      • It's a First-Person-Action Horror Game.
      • Our main character went into his own nightmare, maybe it's himself, maybe it's not only a dream, maybe it's...reality. The world of his nightmare dream is so quite and wonderful, but there are something try to kill him, something try to lead him. He must survive in his dream, and wake up when the sun rise up as usual. If he die, he will be faint for a week, his time is not rich. He must find out what happened in his real life in time. That's all I can tell you now.
        A Nightmare That Never Gone.
      • Well, You can find a lot of FPA games such asMirror's Edge, Dying light, Outlast...but actually there aren't too much games like these on Android. Obsession will tell you a strange story about a guy who had OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder). The times of your failures in the game will determine the game's ending. Maybe you don't interested in the game at all, maybe you just like cute games. If.....................You really really really want know more about this game.That's great.
      • Nothing is problem.
      • Here is a new world, you are the chosen one.You are that guy. Into a unseen world. Will he came back? Is that a test?
      • Shall I tell you that? Of course not. this game is unknown for you. Anyway, I have OCD as well. Don't you see that? I typed and deleted and typed. Let's stop talking about that. I really dislike some horror game's characters, they are not interested in science at all! I really dislike that. It's so unreal. There won't be any one who like those stupid characters any more in OBSESSION! However, I had just developed the DEMO right now.
      • Why there are so many beautiful scenic? Isn't that a horror game?
      • It's a horror game, but it's not a traditional horror game. I would like to create some special mysteries for the game. Being confuse is good.
      • Are you ready to leave now?
      • HOLD ON, PLEASE!
      • Developing alone is so hard, so much work, so much to think about. Oooooh hell I develop this game for FREE, dude.
      • Why there are only a few guys clicked "track this game"?
      • Why don't you click "track this game"?
      • I don't understand.
      • HOHOHOHHOHOHOHOh it's not funny at all. I hope someone interested in it.
      • Give me a reason why you don't click it!!!
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It just like dream.I want it be a poem.So brightSo cool and hotLet's stop and smell the flower.
What it the point?
There are still something horrorable!
These house are flying in the sky
It's a dream A beginning of the game.
I really don't want begin the game with terrible beginning.
It's not funny.
They might be the first scene that I have ever show about OBSESSION

The story is really strange.
There are so many dreams in it.
Something unreal.
Something ture.

The light

So many bugs!

So many bugs!

News 2 comments

I find it's really hard to develop a parkour game that easy to countrl in mobile. I have to change a lot of things to make it better.

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Demo 2 comments

A new demo Simple No sliding with some bugs More real graphic and sence No character model(I don't want add it yet) New controller It shows you how it...

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Jimbo_Coight - - 266 comments

This project would look great with a Oculus Rift which is unity friendly :)

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BrushyTortue - - 7 comments

I love the graphics.

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Snikm Creator
Snikm - - 33 comments

thx I love it ,too!

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T_Alex - - 2 comments

Hello here,Snikm,I am 胜利KO.

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