Face down Mephisto’s horde of henchbots and reclaim the mage’s tower in this couch co-op twin-stick shooter for 1 to 4 players.


Bright, frantic and frenetic combat will keep you on your toes. Meet new threats on every floor and new challenges in every room. The mighty wizbot Mephisto is waiting at the top... do you have what it takes to topple them?


Magic + Guns = Magic Guns. Don’t rely on bullets alone, because magic just makes everything better. Arm yourself with guns that shoot lightning, snowballs, sawblades, giant fists, and more!


One mage with a gun is good. Two is better. Three is a party. And four is a robot wrecking crew. There’s safety in numbers. So grab your best buddies and some more controllers to retake the tower from marauding hordes of magic-infused robots!


The tower is endlessly changing. Each time you try to retake it the rooms have shifted, the enemies swapped, the danger different. Failure means you have to start all over again. Though you may not make it to the top it doesn’t mean you won’t have hours of fun trying!


The party that levels together plays together, so no one ever feels underpowered or unable to contribute. Everyone votes on the next upgrade or ability. No one gets left behind in the race to the top. If one falls, they can be revived!


Perfect for all ages and skills, NoReload Heroes makes sure everyone can contribute to the fight with simple controls, bright visuals and basic concepts. The ability to jump in and join the shenanigans means even Granny can have a go at fighting Mephisto!


Make your way back up the tower to take your place as the rightful ruler and show those robots who’s boss. You made them, you can break them. Get your guns and get shooting, there’s no time to reload when you’ve got to save the spire!

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NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition launched globally on March 11 and now the time has come for it to go to Korea! It’ll be available on the Nintendo Switch™ eShop in Korea on April 1, 2021.

NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition is a couch co-op twin stick shooter for 1 to 4 that combines the devilishly engaging combat with the shenanigans of having your friends over for game night. Fight the mighty wizbot Mephisto and take on his hordes of henchbots to reclaim the mage’s tower. NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition sees you fighting your way through 18 levels, 40+ types of enemies, and all with an arsenal of over 150 weapons.

NoReload Heroes was originally in production from Stupid Stupid Games, however they were unable to complete the work and get this edition to Nintendo Switch. Thus, Teatime Holdings stepped up in order to provide the fans with the version they've been wanting!

NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition comes to Nintendo Switch™ with a BLAM on March 11, 2021 globally.

NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition comes to Nintendo Switch™ with a BLAM on March 11, 2021 globally.


Teatime Holdings is happy to announce NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition, the upgraded version of the chart-topping indie hit NoReload Heroes is coming...

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NoReload Heroes Enhanced Edition Switch game

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