What Is This?

New Soils is a Minecraft clone with a twist or two. You can play it in your browser, given that your browser is Chrome or Edge.
It's currently playable, but I'm not planning on release until the game has a few critical features. This is what it looks like now:

What's The Twist?

We're currently doing a few things differently from MC. Namely:

  • Cubic chunks, meaning infinite height and depth (this also means cubic regions)
  • One world, all players, MMO style
  • Allowing for an arbitrary number of 'dimensions' a player can travel to. I'll explain how/why in another post.

And some other things we are planning:

  • Crafting will be done quite a bit differently, using a 'prototype' system. More on this later!
  • Building will be made such that it is easier to create aesthetically pleasing structures (again, more on this later)
  • Lighting will be done on the GPU

What Else?

You can click here to stay notified about New Soil's development.

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New Soils: A Brand New World


New Soils is a browser-based Minecraft-like with a twist! Every player explores one, massive, procedural, and persistent world, together. The goal of New Soils is to have a game where players are encouraged to collaborate and explore.

ao landscape 2

The game is currently playable and online, yet not available to everyone. In the event that this tiny project becomes interesting enough to play... well... we'll see!


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