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“Build the life you want in this life simulator!”

Create and make the best of your personal life the way you want in this sim's world! Make life choices and decisions that comes with many different outcomes in shaping your life. Express your personality through customizing your personal avatar. Experience the rich and entertaining life simulation activities as you achieve your dream career, improve your lifestyle and make the right investments. Explore and interact with the bright and vibrant city filled with variety of life. Shape the life of your future generations by the way you choose to play. How will your life unfold?


Spin the signature wheels of life to experience what life has to offer. Start a relationship, fall in love, get married, start a family and have children. As your story unfolds, make choices and decisions that will shape your story. What will you choose?


Play, age and move into a new life in a new generation. The more you play, the older you get and life comes to an end. Your actions in your current life will shape the lives of all future generations. Will your future generation inherit fortune and wealth from you? The lives of your future generation are in your hands.


Balance your diet, exercise routine, social gatherings and even plan for a holiday trip. Spend your time, health and money wisely. The healthier you are, the longer you live. How will you live your life?


Become one of the best and most successful people in life. Graduate with excellence in your education, invest in properties and work for higher earnings to shop for the most luxurious items for your home. Will you become a billionaire tycoon? Masters of highest education? The riches landlord in the city? The path is open for you.


Unlock your dream avatars and careers and get a chance to play as them. Will you become a professional Doctor? A genius Scientist? A creative Artist? Collect them all for your wardrobe. Mix and match your avatar and career, the way you want to look.


Compare your life with the life of your friends and people from all around the world. Who can make it to the top and be the most successful of all time? Who has the highest NETTWORTH?

Craft big or small moments for your life, see where life takes you in NETTWORTH.


PLEASE NOTE! NETTWORTH is free to download and play, however, some in-game items can also be purchased with real money.

A network connection is required to play.

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Stock Market Concept

Stock Market Building Concept

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Story History

Hello everyone! It's been some time now we're here bringing you more news on NETTWORTH. The team has been working hard on a major update for NETTWORTH: Life Simulation Game, coming to our players soon. Here's what's new in v2.1.0.

What's new in v2.1.0

New Features

  • Stock Market: Invest your hard-earned money in potential shares and watch them grow. Invest smartly and you'll be sure to succeed!
  • Story History: You can now keep track of the life choices you've made in story cards in player profile! The things you chose to do from 18 years old towards the end of your life.

Feature Improvement

  • Property Enhanced: Property units now have a limited number of purchase every year, seize the opportunity now or it may not be available the next time.
  • Player Profile: Now display more information on health and general stats, view other players or your friends to see where they stand now.
  • Bank and Nettworth: Now include stocks. Value of Nettworth is properly calculated to reflect actual score player has achieved even when moving into a new life.
  • Wheel of Life: Now contain more cards, having a chance of giving you stocks (because you can)! Also, having more conditions on certain cards to trigger (based on Nettworth value) and more!
  • Shopping Mall: Added 5 new cosmetics into the shop list for you to buy! Show off to your friends on how pretty you can be!
  • Yearly Report: Now has proper display and the summation of income and expenses every year. Health are also reflected visually to provide clearer feedback when your age capacity increases/decreases.
  • Global News: Now have a new effect which could impact maximum salary in a positive/negative way.

UI/UX Improvement

  • Header UI: The main UI on top of the screen now has visual feedback when money is increasing/decreasing.
  • Education: University menus has been improved to be clearer. Study mini-game transition back into menus has been re-positioned to provide a better flow.
  • Player Profile: General UI improvement.
  • Global News: Overhaul UI to provide clearer and relevant information.
  • Yearly Report: Better font presentation, and display relevant information.
  • Wheels of Fate, Life, Stories and Inheritance: Improved UI art, more feedback from spinning.
  • Pass Time/Next Year: The button is improved visually to provide clearer indicator.
  • Shopping Mall: General UI improvement, moved cosmetics into one tab for more cohesive experience.
  • Bank: General UI improvement.
  • Friends: General UI improvement.
  • Leaderboard: General UI improvement.
  • Achievement: General UI improvement.
  • Property: General UI improvement.

General Improvement

  • Overall polishing to menus.
  • More feedback on mini-games.
  • Added and improved sounds in various places.
  • General bug fixes.

The v2.1.0 update is live on Google Play Store. The team is working on iOS version to be updated on the App Store.

Feel free to give NETTWORTH a try at

Download on the App Store Download at Google Play

Let us know what you think in the comments section or email us at ! We'd love to hear from you. Stay tune for more as we continue to bring you more news as we improve NETTWORTH~

NETTWORTH Poll: Vote for your Favourite Character

NETTWORTH Poll: Vote for your Favourite Character


We need your help in deciding which characters are the best looking ones!

Introducing NETTWORTH: Life Simulation Game

Introducing NETTWORTH: Life Simulation Game


Introducing NETTWORTH: Life Simulation Game for the first time!

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