Neocron Evolution is a 2002 post-apocalyptic cyberpunk massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) developed by Reakktor Media. The game is currently undergoing active evolution by the NST group.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic 28th century. In the mid-22nd century, tensions rose between an expanded Chinese Empire and a joint European/North American Federation of the Free World, leading to WW3 and the shattered world you see today.

The surviving dregs of humanity were able to eventually claw themselves back from the brink of total extinction. The opposing cities of Neocron and Dome of York are the last shining bastions of humanity in a cruel and unforgiving world.

  • Choose from 4 unique and powerful classes - Tank, Private Eye, Spy and Monk. Specialize into twelve different professions, ranging from Assassin or Engineer to Hacker or Smuggler.
  • Join one of the twelve factions at war in Neocron 2, including The CityMercs, The Brotherhood of Crahn, The Black Dragon Clan, and Tangent Technologies. Fight for your right to survive.
  • Engage in fast paced real-time, first-person PvE and PvP combat shooter combat.
  • Obtain an apartment and decorate it to your own whims and desires or create a clan and purchase an apartment for your group of runners.
  • Explore the vast cities of Neocron and Dome of York. Brave Runners mayventure forth and discover what secrets lay hidden in over 100 unique wilderness areas that have been filled to the brim with ancient tech and horrific monstrosities.

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Greetings Runners.

And behold, Crahn raised his hands and the way was revealed. All praise be as the long awaited Neocron 2.5 update lands on the live server. Over the last 2 years, the NST has been working furiously to bring together one of the biggest updates that the game has ever seen.



The update is so expansive in fact, that instead of providing all the changes in a new article on our website, we actually PDF'd all the changes into a 21 page document! Codename Redflash has been a long and sordid journey into the world of game development. Many long hours were poured over almost every aspect of the game world to bring together something truly amazing for all Runners.


Redflash combines an utterly epic level of graphical upgrades, bug and error fixes, balancing, new items, new npcs, whole new areas of content and a gamewide balancing sweep. This content update seriously brings the game forward into the 28th century.


The update notes indeed speak for themselves. 21 full pages of updates....that's right 21. Reading the notes alone will take an hour and writing them took a keyboard champion an entire day.

Check them out here -


There has never been a better time to come and try out the game. Don't believe us? What is there to lose? Its free. The NST look forward to welcoming back many old returning players along with hopefully a new wave of runners to give the game a fresh boost of vitality within the community. Thank you all for your feedback and support.

Try now for free at -



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Neocron Evolution 2.5 Installer

Neocron Evolution 2.5 Installer

Full Version

Latest version of the Noecron Evolution client installer


great game. best pvp in any game to this day

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