Grab your magic staff and step into the shoes of a necromancer working as a bouncer at a nightclub. Selflessly crawl the dungeon club and face scores of inebriated monstrosities ready to welcome your back after your holiday break. It's time to get to work!

Hack and Slash in the Club

Rip through the crowd and bust up some bosses. Consume powers hidden in gemstones to improve and upgrade your bouncing skills. Stir them together in various ways and discover powerful new mixes to demolish the drunks of the dungeon.

Twitch Integration

Customize each NecroBouncer run with Twitch integration. Vote for artifacts, additional mana and health potion spawns, or even appear in the game as one of its wasted enemies. Choose a side and keep the good vibes alive!

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Return stronger, angrier, and more heavily armed after each defeat. Experiment with outfits (each with its own unique perks) devise clever strategies, upgrade powers and swirl them all together with hundreds of artifacts. Concoct the perfect cocktail of success!

Come Home With Us

Follow the party on social media for updates and to learn more about the game and its developer. We promise we’re sober… for now.

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New Game+ update


Greetings, club members!

We are bringing you a major update that adds a NG+ mode to the game but also adds extra relics and balance changes

NBO 87 1024x768

New Game+

After defeating the game for the first time, you will now unlock the first set of negative modifiers with which you can increase the difficulty of the game. You can then choose and enable any or more modifiers.

2023 03 09 13 08 50   frame at 2 1

Each modifier will have its own difficulty score and you will need to reach a certain threshold to unlock the next set of modifiers when beating the game again.

2023 03 09 13 08 50   frame at 2 2

Some positive modifiers will also unlock every few times you lose a run, and with them you can decrease the difficulty of the game. But these will lock certain steam achievements (while they are enabled) and you will also be unable to unlock the next set of negative modifiers with them.

Other New Things

Power Gems

Power gems are no longer obtainable from leveling up, but instead, a new special room reward has been added (Relic Reward), which is shown on the map the same as the normal relic reward but with a different image. The first time on each floor, this reward will give you 1 random power gem to equip and each subsequent one will give you one of the gem-specific relics (for which you have a power gem in an active slot).

2023 03 09 13 08 50   frame at 2

The gem equipping scene/menu has been redesigned so it is more clear and a bunch of small graphical and practical issues has been fixed. When getting to the chest, the player now first hits the chest open, from which the selected random gem pops up and only after that does the menu open.

Reward Rooms

Epic relics in normal reward rooms are now much rarer - they can only appear in the last quarter of the floor and the chance for them to appear there is 0.5% instead of 6%. (0.625% with the Whip).

2023 03 09 13 08 50   frame at 9

After every boss fight, instead of getting a random relic dropped on the floor, you go to a reward room after and get to choose from a random selection of epic relics (rare relics replace epic relics if there is not enough of them).


Added 2 new items to the bar:

  • Strong Drink - Remove a random debuff. It costs 40 gold and increases by 40 each time it is purchased (even if on different floors).

Screenshot 2023 03 09 at 11 13 1

  • Big Tip - Refresh the bar (refreshes all items in the bar). It costs 25 and increases by 100% every time it is purchased (even on different floors).

Screenshot 2023 03 09 at 11 13 5

New Relics

  • Roulette Rounds - Enemies have a 16/33% chance to spawn an explosion when getting hit by a ranged attack


  • Very Old Champagne - Increase the chance for cursed relics to appear by 100/200%


  • Christmas Tree Increase the chance for health to drop by 100/200%


Codex Menu

2023 03 08 17 42 32   frame at 0

Added a menu on the title screen that lets you check all of the relics and debuffs and you can also see how many are yet to be unlocked.
Added Spacial Audio to the game, so now things that are closer to the player are louder and vice versa.

Thank you for taking the time and reading through this rather big change log! We hope you’ll enjoy the new content and we’d love to hear your feedback!

We welcome each and every one of our visitors to join the club on social media:

  • Place for us to share gameplay footage, work-in-progress material and all kinds of sneak peeks - twitter
  • A growing library of short clips covering gameplay or just the funny stuff we do - tik-tok
  • Lounge to share your thoughts and opinions about the game - discord
  • Place to discuss the game, see extra content - reddit

See you in the club!

NecroBouncer | Club is open for business!

NecroBouncer | Club is open for business!


Now you can become the NecroBouncer and toss out rowdy guests in a roguelike adventure through the nightclub dungeon. The game is finally out on Steam...

NecroBouncer | Release Date Reveal

NecroBouncer | Release Date Reveal


The time has come! After all the renovations and test openings, The NecroBouncer club will finally open its doors to the public.

NecroBouncer OST is available on all major streaming platforms!

NecroBouncer OST is available on all major streaming platforms!


The NecroBouncer soundtrack by Alex Yoder is now available on multiple streaming platforms for your listening pleasure outside of the club.

NecroBouncer Prologue | Free prologue is finally OUT!

NecroBouncer Prologue | Free prologue is finally OUT!


New relics to collect, new floor to explore, have at it - PLAY NOW!

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NecroBouncer MacOS demo

NecroBouncer MacOS demo


Demo version of the game that is also available on Steam and Itch.IO. Contains the first level and boss plus a multitude of relics to collect.

NecroBouncer Windows Demo

NecroBouncer Windows Demo


Demo version of the game that is also available on Steam and Itch.IO. Contains the first level and boss plus a multitude of relics to collect.

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