One day the virus spread.

Everyone is infected with this airborne infection. Society quickly collapsed, most people could not avoid death, and only a few survived. And some of those who died were revived with lost memories and reason.

The hero begins by waking up with a loss of memory. In urban and suburban areas, we have to overcome hunger and despair and regain memories.

Near escapes can explore a wide field and many buildings, and in real time, the sunrise, rain, and fog. You can infer time through the shadows and rely on flashlights at night. If it rains, your health recovery will slow down.

Be careful with your footsteps and gunshots. Zombies are sensitive to sound.

- It is a mobile game, but using real-time shadows, it has excellent weather and daytime lighting effects, and realizes similar environment with rain and mist.

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NearEscape released.

It is a game where you survive in a world that has been destroyed by virus and regain your memory and regain your family.

Zombies and Outlaws And what are the risks?

Explore and survive across the pierced city and suburbs.

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Map Original Marker

Map Original Marker

Singleplayer Map

NearEacape Map + Marker Map Original + laboratory

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