An unknown alien race, starts an invasion on Cafutopia, the home of the cats. With the help of a transformation beam, the invaders want to free all vegetables and build an army from them. Only the Mystic Cats and a secret artefact can ward off this threat.

General information:
Mystic Cats - Invasion is a real premiere for us! It is our first game developed in Unity. And as a 2D platformer, it is a small tribute to the genre classics of the 90s.

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From prototype to Alpha 1


Today, we released our first demo of the prototype.

While we are now collecting and evaluating the various proposals, wishes and suggestions, the development goes on. The demo does not even include the planned functions or even the game depth, but only a first gameplay. Regardless of the different user wishes, we also have our own ideas and plans with the game. The way to version Alpha 1 begins.

Character selection
The title of our game is Mystic Cats. So, as the name suggests ... CATS ... And therefore, there is also talk of several cats. More specifically, three cats. The siblings Spirit and Mystery, as well as Lucky. All three characters will be selected and played. And each character will have special abilities.

Collecting coins and diamonds
As it is for a traditional platformer, you have to collect something in the different levels. In our case, there will be coins and diamonds. Coins are found in the individual levels, like sand at the sea.
Diamonds, on the other hand, are true rarities. They are found only in specific areas, or they are rewarded.

The Furshop, you will be able to find in all worlds. Coins can be exchanged for different objects. Some items will also be found in the levels, while others can only be purchased at these special stores.

This point is still at a very early stage. We have different ideas about what items to come into the game. However, we have not yet determined 100%.

While in the demo, only the potato-like aliens have their appearance, there will be much more challenges for the player in the future. The kind of the opponents, is not yet determined, as this is one of the points, which is coordinated with the "Royals auf 4 Pfoten", as they design and write the actual background story to the game.

That's it with the first info on Alpha 1. When the new version is ready, we can not say yet, but we are working with it. Until then, we wish you lots of fun with the prototype.

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Mystic Cats - Invasion: Prototype Demo

Mystic Cats - Invasion: Prototype Demo


The game is in a very early stage of development. However, in this phase, we want to get as much feedback as possible and hear your opinion about it...

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