Its a new & unique math puzzle based on mathematician Ramanujan's Magic square.

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The Indian legendary mathematician Ramanujan invented the magic square. He created a 4x4 magic square using his birth date in such a way that addition of all rows, columns and diagonals was same.
An Indian programmer Rohit Kulkarni was once traveling to Bangalore from Pune. While traveling he was browsing on his mobile and found this magic square. He was amazed and since it was a long journey he decided to unlock the mystery behind the puzzle. He manged to decode the logic and created a 4x4 magic square of his own birth date.

Later he decided to turn this idea into a puzzle game and he created an algorithm which was able to generate infinite number of such mysterious magic squares. He divided this puzzle into 4 different difficulty modes. In easy , 8 numbers out of 16 are already placed at correct position user need to place remaining 8 numbers to create a magic square. With increase in difficulty initial numbers which are placed at correct position goes decreasing. In very difficult game none of the number is placed at correct position out of 16. User need to place all 16 numbers in magic square at correct postiion to solve the puzzle.

Rohit published the first version of puzzle in Nov 2016 and recently in Oct 2017 new version is published.

User interface is changed in new version and point system is also changed. New point system is engaging than previous version.

Its a first ever 4x4 magic square puzzle and it was a pleasant experience for our team to develop such unique puzzle game from scratch.

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