Monsters Express is an endless runner game taking place in a lively city filled with amiable monsters. You are in charge of a team of monsters working for Monsters Express. Cover every district of the city by delivering parcels to your impatient customers. In order to complete every single level of the game, you must draw their way through multiple obstacles: vicious enemies, traps, bees and much more. The gameplay consists of directing the monsters between lines to reach their customers as fast as possible and to collect various bonuses and coins on the way. Your performance will be based on your delivery speed and the number of coins collected. The more skillful you are, the higher you will climb in the friend and national ranking. Tons of Monsters are there for you to play with, with a total of 18 fun characters with 3 different unique play style: fast, balanced and bumpy moves. Two types of boosters and 3 types of item are also available to support you with your challenging missio

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Hi everyone, we just published last week our new game Monsters Express, an endless runner game taking place in a lively city filled with amiable monsters. Please have a look at this arcade game and share your most honest feedback so we can improve the game. You can play against your friends. A weekly competition will give you awesome rewards.

iOS: download for iOS
Android: Download for Android



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