A new wave of diseases are hitting the UK and threaten to wipe out the population. We need a solution. We need May Care. This is where you come in. Take on the role of a heroic pharmaceutical company that is selling medicine to help fight the diseases. Your goal will be to target investing in medicine that will see the most financially lucrative returns. If a disease spreads quickly then you will get a steady income and getting some press attention to put the fear of god into the public will give you a real boost. The game will be a turn based multiplayer title.

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I am delighted to announce that I've released a new game for free, available on PC and Android.

Disease is spreading throughout the UK and people are suffering. The country needs you and your pharmaceutical company to step up and develop treatment to address the wretched symptoms. The question is, can you dominate the market and make the most money?

Take it in turns in to place a tile to see the virus grow then invest in viruses to increase your market share and earn a greater cut of the treatment.

Screenshot 20180302 182900

If you don't have any friends, don't worry - you can play solo and just strive to earn all the cash you can.

Screenshot 20180302 183011

Watch out for events such as Government cuts or research set backs that could halt your progress, or you might get lucky with a nicely timed bit of press that stirs up panic and demand from the public!

1080p 1Screenshot 20180302 182600

Earn the big bucks when a virus is cured. If you've invested well then you'll earn a huge cut but try and invest in everything and you will never dominate.

Screenshot 20180302 183650

To see more on how the game is played, check out this video:

Note the lack of sound in the video is expected. The game does not have music... anyone who's played my previous games can breathe a sigh of relief!

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Money May Care

Money May Care

Full Version

Turn based strategy game based on pharmaceutical companies.

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