Mirth's Magical Quest is a 2.5D action/adventure game tailored for mobile devices. Some of the features include:
- Fine-tuned controls!
Simple and highly optimized controls built from the ground up for touch devices.
- Attack anything, anywhere!
Mirth travels with Wisp, an elemental spirit who enhances Mirth's innate magical prowess. To cast a basic magic spell simply tap anywhere on the screen. If you press and hold, Mirth will use Wisp to charge and cast a powerful spell.
- A plethora of magic!
Wisp is able to attune with different elements, allowing Mirth to cast spells of different types

The game's prototype was put together by aspiring game designer Fidel Soto, who on his own words wants to become "one of the best game designers of all time". With this game he's looking to redefine the standard of quality for video games on mobile devices.

To learn more about the game and help make it a reality head over to: Kickstarter.com

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Mirth's Magical Quest


Mirth's Magical Quest has been released on Kickstarter: Kickstarter.com

Throughout your journey you will face many challenges. Your intellect will help you solve a wide variety of puzzles. Fast reactions and strategic planning will get you through intense situations and boss battles.

Explore the world!Explore the world!Explore the world!
Explore the world!Explore the world!Explore the world!

The game is trying to set a new quality standard for mobile titles. If you are passionate about games make sure not to miss out on this one!

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