Mini Wheels is gameplay successor to games such as Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. It is diffrent from other arcade racers, because it includs an appealing and interesting story to be played in campaign single-player mode. It has all that's best in the genre! The game includes 4-player local multiplayer and up to 8-player online multiplayer.

Mini Wheels in a nutshell:

- Engaging story. Help Pipo - the lost and lonely toy - find the way back to his favorite human through an action-packed series of races.

- 5 game modes: Story campaign, Single Racing, Capture the Flag, Burnout and Boss Battle.

- On track power-ups that spice up each race.

- Extra long super slides.

- Local multiplayer mode for classic arcade racing fun with friends and family.

- Online multiplayer component.

- Customizable karts - change both their visual and driving parameters.

A brief of the story:

Pipo is Mick's favorite racing toy. After moving to a new place, Pipo gets trapped in a basement of a suburban house with many forgotten toys and struggles to find a way back into his owner's hands.

Willing to escape, he will have to find friends in this harsh world and challenge other characters that rule different parts of the house, finding himself in places he has never seen before.

Are you ready for some high-speed fun around the house?

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Hello Drivers,

At the time we write this message, we create a new track for Mini Wheels. It will be based in the garage of Mick's house, and here you can see first arts we made before we started to plan all the hops and turns:


garage 7b


garage 4b

We see it as a shadowy place with loads of equipment of all sort. As the light source, we plan to use the glow sticks, which could build a deep atmosphere. That's not the final version though, so we are waiting for your comments. What do you think we should look at when designing a racing track in this peculiar place? Are there any specific items you think we should include?

Also, we already are building the garage in 3D and preparing assets of all typical items like bikes, ladders, tools, baskets and other containers. Here are the first 2 screenshots from this area:

Screenshot2 1

Desktop Screenshot 2018 02 15

We are waiting for your feedback. Is there anything that else that we should add to the garage? There is no space for the real car, cos we have fit the racing track in here, but we can always create some smaller items :)

Take care,
Enigma Studios

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