Mini Rollers

is a rolling-ball platformer game, where players must race against the clock to get their balls to the goal. Roll, jump, and swing through a variety of obstacles, enemies, and challenges with 18 unique balls. Each ball has it’s own special physical properties and abilities, including jumping, magnetizing, reversing gravity, freezing, floating, and more, giving players multiple platforming solutions.

The game contains 90 levels (and counting), which are split among 9 separate worlds. Each world provides it’s own challenges and themes, giving players many distinct experiences. These levels can range from basic platforming and jumping puzzles to races, puzzles, bosses, and more.

Local multiplayer battles are also in the works, which will put players head to head in a classic ball VS ball death match. Players will be able to choose which balls they wish to compete as, and must knock the opposing balls out of the arena.

Key Features:

  • 18 Unique Balls
  • 90+ Levels across 9 distinct worlds
  • Many varied platforming challenges/puzzles
  • Fresh take on the rolling-ball sub-genre
  • Planned multiplayer battles
  • Collectible trophies and creatures, with planned achievements
  • Tons of abilities, including changing gravity, magnetizing onto surfaces, jumping, doing whatever eyeballs do, just generally being a ghost, floating, freezing, melting, self-destructing, glowing, shrinking, bouncing, boosting, and more.
  • 9 Bosses and many creatures that can both harm you and help you

Extra Details:

  • Lots of easter eggs and secrets
  • A full and varied soundtrack, currently 30+ songs and growing
  • Steam Achievements, Badges, and more
  • Planned leaderboards for the best level times

This game is a must for fans of Super Monkey Ball, Super Mario Galaxy, and other similar platformers.

Mini Rollers is in its late alpha stages, and is currently in development. Screenshots, gameplay, and imagery may change upon release.

If the videos aren't playing in the Steam browser [this is a known issue for some people], head over to the Gawkfish Studios YouTube page and watch them there.

Greenlight Page:

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Hello all!

My second game, Mini Rollers, has just recently launched on Steam Greenlight. It would be awesome if you checked it out and gave me some honest feedback! Don't forget to vote if you like it!

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