Mindframe Arena - a unique and original board battler game

Build and lead your Tec faction to victory, overcoming other factions and the omnipotent oligarch that is Metrix. Metrix was one of the designers who created the Mindframe Arena and he wants to remain in control. Tecs are the native characters that inhabit this virtual world.

• Building the best possible deck of character cards, called Tecs
• Battling other players and Metrics
• Learning how to master the unique Mindframe Arena board
• Collecting new Tecs and spells as your progress

Mindframe Arena is a fast paced, challenging game combining classic board gameplay with collectable card type characters and upgrades.

Game features:
• A unique combination of card and board gameplay
• The exclusive Mindframe Arena 23-node board
• Over 50 animated Tecs to control
• Over 100 powerful spells to acquire and master

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Finally…finally … we managed to get Mindframe Arena published on Steam. So PC gamers can now enjoy our board game battler on PC. The game started out as a PC/Web game but was first published on Android devices. It is always hard to know the best platform for your game, so we tried a few!

Mindframe Arena is also our first game on Steam. We used the Facepunch.Steamworks sdk to integrate microtransactions in the game. It was a bit trickier that planned but we got it done in the end.

Also Steam requires a considerable number of marketing assets – glad we had most of them from previous ports. If we get enough Mindframe Arena players, we will start on the PVP feature. For a small team, adding multiplayer is a large piece of work. Beside man hours, there is also the increased cost of server hosting.

Please give the game a go and if you like, please share it !


Thanks from all the team 😊

Final Game Trailer

Final Game Trailer


Details about our new game trailer and what we used to make it.

Mindframe Arena

Mindframe Arena


Mindframe Arena is a board game whereby a player needs to get one of their pieces called Tec, onto their opponents starting point to win. Similar to card...

Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together


So this is where we are at. After a lot of design and development work, we are trying to bring it all together...hopefully!

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