Mimics is a multiplayer party game for iOS and Android about making a fool of oneself in front of friends and family and watch them do the same. Players re-enact drawn faces, before their teammates must guess which face was portrayed.

Unconscious communication with facial expressions ranks among the most unique skills of human beings. Humans are experts at recognising feelings in the slightest change of facial muscles. We constantly scan our fellows for those changes and take pleasure in learning more about the inner life of our counterpart.
This talent, which we all trained for all of our lives, is the basis of Mimics.

We want to bring people closer together in every way possible.
First of all, we want to bring people together physically. Mimics works best when everybody is in the same room, being able to see each others facial expressions and the reactions on them.

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Mimics is out today!


We're so proud that we finally released Mimics, our party game about imitating faces ^_^ o_O

You can get it here

The unspeakable feature

The unspeakable feature


Navel is announcing online modes for Mimics and explaining how they will work :)

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